iTernIS EVO from Heyer Medical AG

Ventilators come in many shapes and sizes, but they have one function in particular – to assist the respiratory process and maintain or restore an adequate oxygen supply to the body’s tissues. This is where Heyer Medical AG steps in with its technical innovation and expertise gained over 130 years.

 Heyer’s product portfolio offers a variety of ventilation methods, ranging from assisted spontaneous ventilation to completely controlled ventilation. The iTernIS EVO is one such product specimen that is crafted with various ventilation modes to meet the individual needs of all patients. With a high accuracy and exceptional performance, the iTernIS EVO comes in a metal body with advanced proportional solenoid technology to achieve accurate ventilation control.

Furthermore, this ventilator comes equipped with a synchronized nebulizer, a touch screen which simultaneously displays four waveforms and two loops, an easily removable respiratory valve, and a multisafety mechanism for different risks. This represents impeccable German dexterity and Heyer’s mission of providing outstanding price–performance ratio. After all, every patient is entitled to the best medical care.

“Heyer Medical has always aimed to provide high-quality services and inventive products at affordable prices. The
iTernIS EVO is designed to be all-in-one equipment. World leading brands of key ventilator components ensure a highly reliable and stable creation. It is ideal for adults and pediatrics (>5kg) and features resourceful aspects to monitor patients’ conditions with ease. A perfect unit for intuitive operations and ensuring maximum patient safety.”

Sreenath Jayan
Product Specialist,
Heyer Medical AG

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