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Creating Meaningful Impacts On The Lives Of Individual Globally

Nihon Kohden’s mission is to utilize its leading edge technology and products to support medical treatment in all clinical areas from emergency response to testing, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. In addition to clinical treatment, Nihon Kohden
products play an active role outside the hospital, such as in health improvement and home medical care and nursing as well as basic medical research.

Nihon Kohden has four international manufacturing bases outside of Japan. Shanghai Kohden Medical Electronic, Nihon Kohden Malaysia, Nihon Kohden Firenze S.r.l., and Nihon Kohden India Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. Gujarat, India manufacture reagents to ensure stables supply of highly reliable Nihon Kohden reagents to our customers.

We always try to provide focus and direction and energize my team to improve the sales results and performance. Without a clear sales vision, though, the team may lack focus, find it difficult to prioritize activities, or feel adrift.

We always work on new strategies to achieve our goals. To reach our goals we equally work on increasing team’s sales coverage by hiring additional salespeople, run a special sales incentive program for the sales team, or target key accounts to grow existing business.

Nihon Kohden believes that growth of any company depends on its concern for customer and their needs, support, changing circumstances, cooperation, and synergy rather than unhealthy competition. Customer support of Nihon Kohden is completely focused towards TAT and providing complete support in short time. We are not competing in different IVD segments, but are completely focused into hematology segment. No doubt it helps our team to focus for good output. Today, the market is expending and demands for good, accurate, economical, and quality product from the companies who provides them the instruments.

The market demand is increasing day by day and 3-part cell counters are being replaced by 5-part cell counters. But still 3-part cell counters continue to be the back bone of cell counter segments. Approximately 80 percent of Indian market is using and continues to purchase 3-part hematology cell counters.

Research and development team of Nihon Kohden remains dedicated to developing products that deliver outstanding performance, value, and quality. We have our own technology which compliments the gold standard technology for an accurate and precise output of results. Nihon Kohden launched its new fully automated cell counter featured with all these technologies which is Nihon Kohden’s own technology also cost effective and economical for the end-user. Nihon Kohden launched its new fully automated 5-part cell counter MEK 9100K in India. MEK 9100K comes up with many features and newly developed technology for reliable and precise results. One of the most important point in MEK9100K is consumption of reagents is very less compared to any other instrument in same segment.

Gradually, we are stepping toward biochemistry segment and launched serum and protein analyzer for HbA1c and CRP test. Latex agglutination turbidimetric Immunoassay method based instrument with direct use of reagents after removing from refrigerator and also no sample processing required. Auto calibration is done before every measurement through QR code.

Nihon Kohden will continue to provide products that create meaningful impacts on the lives of individual globally. We are committed to creating a leading technologically advance position in the market. We shape the future through strong, progressive leadership and forge coalition, and partnership to promote our concepts, products, and services to our customers.