iX5 New Generation Ventilator from Vyaire Medical (Formerly Known as CareFusion)

In the complex, sensory-rich environment of the ICU, clinicians are faced with making quick decisions and prioritizing care based on multiple information points from various devices. The iX5 ventilator’s easy-to-use interface was designed to maximize the display of alarm prioritization and critical patient information.

iX5 Clear View Monitoring Screen

The iX5 ventilator has the respiratory monitoring capabilities that clinicians expect when managing critically ill patients. Additionally, the iX5 ClearView monitoring screen was designed to provide you with a clear snapshot of real-time patient data and ventilation status. You no longer need to be at the bedside to read key patient parameters or assess how much support the patient is receiving. The screen provides:

  • Quick clues on patient weaning status and readiness
  • Color-coded lung model to display patient effort
  • Minute ventilation bar that clearly defines respiratory patient effort and support requirements
  • Remote viewing parameters for quick patient assessment

Alarm Management System

 The alarm management capability on the iX5 ventilator ranks the severity of alarms, ensuring you receive effective audible alerts, and remain updated and aware of patient status at all times.

High-Performance Ventilation for the Neonatal Environment

iX5 provides a variety of noninvasive modes including the clinically-proven Infant Flow technology. The ventilator also offers modern ventilation modes including volume guarantee that is widely evidenced as one of the best protective ventilation techniques when ventilating newborns.

The volume guarantee mode combines both pressure and volume ventilations in a unique and interactive mode that follows the patient’s lung evolution. In volume guarantee mode, iX5 performs tidal volumes starting from 2 mL, to ensure protective ventilation even for the smallest patient.

The iX5 combines the ultimate noninvasive interfaces and modes with the invasive ventilator modes that allow the customer to have a low capital cost and low cost of ownership. When you combine the noninvasive feature of using the infant flow low pressure interface or invasive modes, like volume guarantee, this is the ultimate, noninvasive and invasive ventilator for the neonatal intensive care unit.

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