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Jalna: Regional center of Tata Hospital should be set up

Tata Hospital should prepare a road map as a guideline for cancer prevention in the state. To reduce the extra stress on the cancer hospital in Aurangabad, a regional center of the Tata Hospital should be set up at Jalna, Health Minister Rajesh Tope said, here on Tuesday.

The minister presided over a meeting regarding setting up a Cancer Diagnosis Centre on Tuesday.

Kerekatta, Principal Secretary, Department of Health; Ramaswamy, Director Dr. Dr. Sadhana Tayde, Director, Tata Hospital Rajendra Badve, Dr. Banavali, Dr. Kailash Sharma, Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi, Dr. Pimples were also present during the meeting.

Experts from Tata Hospital said that the regional center can diagnose, diagnose and treat oral, cervical and breast cancer.

The Tata Hospital has a large treatment hub at Aurangabad, which is crowded with patients. Due to the long waiting period, Tata Hospital has proposed to set up a Regional Hospital (Spoke) at Jalna, which is close by, to reduce the stress on the hub. That was discussed in detail in today’s meeting.

Tata Hospital will provide trained manpower and staff training to start a field center in Jalna.

The number of cancer patients is increasing and necessary steps should be taken to prevent this disease, said Mr Tope.

According to the Tata Hospital’s concept, a two- or three-tier regional center should be set up at Jalna, the health minister said.

The Regional Center will have facilities for examination, diagnosis, radiation and chemotherapy, he added.

The Health Minister appealed to the Tata Hospital to come up with a road map for the prevention of the disease while efforts are being made by the health department for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Experts said that more effective measures should be taken to curb the consumption of tobacco and tobacco products, as well as to impose stricter restrictions on its production and sale.

The health minister said that experts have pointed out that there is a risk of cancer due to obesity and lifestyle related diseases. He also appealed for guidance on what measures should be taken in each district regarding cancer, he added. UNI

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