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JSA unveils health manifesto; calls for eliminating OOP expenses

In a bold step towards crafting a practical and reliable public health system accessible to all, the Jan Swasthya Abhiyan Himachal unit has unveiled its visionary manifesto for the 2024 parliamentary elections. This campaign, led by Dr. Om Prakash Bhureta and a coalition of social welfare organizations, aims to steer the public discourse towards concrete, achievable goals that can transform healthcare in India.

Central to this manifesto is a call to “Legalize Healthcare,” advocating for a unified system that eliminates out-of-pocket expenses and ensures equal access to quality care. Beyond surface changes, the manifesto emphasizes the urgent need to rebuild health systems post-Covid-19 pandemic, with a focus on practical solutions to benefit every citizen.

A key pillar of this manifesto is an increase in Budgetary Allocation for Health, proposing to raise health expenditure to 3.5% of GDP. This includes a specific call to boost the central government’s allocation to 1% of GDP, with tailored financial packages for states to reduce the financial burden on individuals seeking medical treatment.

Justice for health workers is another core focus, with demands to fill vacant positions, regularize temporary staff, ensure fair wages, and implement safety measures. Empowering local bodies and state governments to manage health systems within their jurisdictions is seen as a practical step towards effective governance.

The manifesto also highlights the importance of affordability and inclusivity. It calls for the provision of essential medicines and diagnostics at affordable prices through effective price control measures. The government’s primary responsibility in healthcare provision is underscored, advocating for a people-centric approach to universal healthcare. Additionally, stringent regulations are proposed for the private healthcare sector to ensure fair practices and a robust grievance redressal system for patients.

Prominent figures in the campaign, such as Satyawan Pundir, Seema Chauhan, Hukam Sharma, Dr. Om Prakash Bhureta, and Kapil Sharma, unite in their vision for a healthier India. Informed by consultations with health experts, the manifesto offers practical solutions that can bring about transformative health reforms.

As India gears up for the parliamentary elections, this manifesto serves as a practical roadmap. It urges all political parties to prioritize achievable goals, ensuring a new public health system that is affordable and reliable for all citizens. By focusing on tangible outcomes, this campaign aims to shift the discourse towards practical measures that can be delivered and guaranteed, offering a promising vision for India’s health future. Himachal Headlines

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