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KAHER to set up incubation centre in Belagavi for healthcare research

KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research (KAHER) will set up an Incubation and Innovation Centre in Belagavi for healthcare technology research and development.

“This initiative is poised to make a substantial impact not only on the educational and research landscape, but also on the Indian economy,” KLE Society chairman and KAHER chancellor Prabhakar Kore told journalists in Belagavi on November 17.

“KAHER Incubation and Innovation centre (KIIC) recognizes the critical role that innovation plays in advancing healthcare and medical technology. KIIC is designed to be a catalyst for entrepreneurship, research and innovation by providing a nurturing environment and platform for startups and innovators to develop path breaking technologies. KIIC is expected to generate employment opportunities by supporting the growth of healthcare startups. As these ventures expand, they will contribute to job creation, helping alleviate unemployment in the region and beyond,” he said.

“By fostering a culture of innovation, KIIC aims to contribute significantly to the growth of the healthcare and medical technology sectors in line with India aspirations to be a global supply chain hub in addition to catering to the captive demand within the country. Successful startups have the potential to attract investment, thus positively impacting the overall economic landscape.

“KIIC shall facilitate transfer of cutting edge technologies from the academic sphere to enable commercialisation by startups. This technology transfer and innovation shall lead to creation of marketable and cost-effective products and services, thereby reducing import dependency and fostering entrepreneurship within the country,” he said.

“Industry partnerships formed by KIIC shall enhance collaboration between academia and the private sector. This synergy is expected to result in the development of innovative solutions that address real-world healthcare challenges, thereby boosting economic competitiveness. KIIC is in active discussions to partner with leading incubators, such as IIT-Kanpur (SIIC), which shall result in knowledge sharing, commercialization of existing patents & technologies and cross-pollination between startups & academia at both eco-systems.

“The inauguration of the Centre, likely to be held in January 2024, will be a momentous occasion featuring dignitaries from the government, academia, and industry. It will highlight the centre’s potential to drive economic growth through innovation in healthcare and medical technology sector,” Dr Kore said. The Hindu

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