Leading Medical Device Manufacturers Are Leveraging Demand Management Solutions

Infiniti Research, a custom market intelligence solution provider, has recently announced the completion of their latest demand management study for a medical device company. During the course of this study, the experts at Infiniti Research helped the client to lower logistics cost and formulate effective strategies for making smart decisions about inventory and production levels. Also, this engagement highlights how Infiniti’s demand management solution helped the client to achieve average savings of $7.2 million in a span of one year.

With the rising need to delicately balance medical devices’ security and patient safety, the medical device industry in the US has started facing several challenges like reducing costs, better demand management, improving efficiency, and allocating resources effectively. Poor demand management can result in operational inefficiency and issues pertaining to fulfilling orders, which emerges concurrent with an increase in the demand. Owing to these challenges, companies in the medical device industry are finding it imperative to leverage demand management solutions to improve the efficiency of their supply chain, reduce forecast errors, and become market leaders.

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The business challenge: The client is a leading medical device manufacturer based out of the United States. The company witnessed a huge decline in their profit margins due to their inability to manage and allocate capacity to meet the fluctuating market demands. They also faced major challenges in identifying long-term savings opportunities and areas for cost-reduction to facilitate product design and development. With Infiniti’s demand management solution, they wanted to manage their inventory, allocate adequate capacity to meet the market demands, and reduce overstocks of products.

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The solution offeredThe experts at Infiniti Research followed a comprehensive four-phased approach to help the client accurately plan, predict, and meet the demands of the global customer base. The approach undertaken by the experts in Infiniti Research helped the client to formulate effective strategies for making smart decisions about inventory and production levels. Also, the client was able to increase turnover rates by maintaining the right balance between supply and demand. As such, within a year, the client was able to capitalize on new opportunities, improve under-forecasting, and achieve savings of $7.2 million.

Infiniti’s demand management solution helped the client to:

  • Lower holding cost and improve turnover rates
  • Avoid gaps in supply and demand
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Infiniti’s demand management solution offered predictive insights on:

  • Gaining a stronger competitive advantage in the US medical devices market
  • Achieving cost savings from inventory management
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– Business Wire

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