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As the world’s population continues to grow, the demand and volume of the medical market is also rapidly expanding, especially after the global pandemic. The pandemic has brought about a great impact on the world, but it has also accelerated the development and breakthrough of many new medical technologies, especially in the field of in vitro diagnostics (IVD).

Medical device companies have been transforming and breaking through during the pandemic to meet the demand for high efficiency and automation. As a leading company in the IVD industry and a pioneer in the field of Chinese chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA), Snibe has also launched many new medical solutions and technology upgrades in the past two years, aiming to bring better healthcare to the world.

This year marks Snibe’s 28th anniversary, and Snibe has always adhered to the concept of Focus Makes Profession. During the previous years, Snibe has focused on the development of CLIA, while also laying out technologies in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology, and hematology. The biggest pressure in the current medical diagnostic industry is the demand for diagnostic automation, and Snibe’s layout is aimed at solving this pain point. It can enable hospitals and laboratories to complete all immunoassay, biochemistry, and molecular diagnostic in one production line, and allow doctors to monitor testing information and status anytime, anywhere through an information integration system, thus enabling timely diagnosis and treatment for patients.

In 2022, Snibe proudly launched two fully automated instruments, MAGLUMI X6 fully-auto CLIA analyzer and Biossays C8 fully-auto biochemical analyzer. It also unveiled an integrated nucleic acid analyzer. As the pioneer in the field of CLIA, Snibe once again improved and expanded the X-series models. The release of MAGLUMI X6 represents our efforts to fill the gap between MAGLUMI X3 and MAGLUMI X8. It is equipped with the most advanced X-Tech, which can provide hospitals and laboratories with high-speed, accurate, and reliable testing. Biossays C8 is a fully automated biochemical analyzer that also integrates an electrolyte testing module, aiming to help doctors efficiently complete various testing needs.

At the same time, we launched a total laboratory automation solution (TLA) in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific. This solution can not only connect our immunological, biochemical, and molecular analyzers but also interface with other cooperating manufacturers’ instruments to provide hospitals and laboratories with a simple operating process. This technology can help operators simplify testing operations to the greatest extent, and its optimized sample processing module enables all required testing programs to be completed with a single sample collection, when collecting samples from patients, without the need for sample splitting.

By promoting the digitization of medical diagnosis and utilizing internet, 5G technology, and big data technology with software and hardware support, doctors can remotely monitor the testing process and results while obtaining timely interpretation of detection results provided by algorithms. Thanks to the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Snibe is committed to applying these technologies to our products to unleash their maximum potential.

Innovation has always been Snibe’s creed. We firmly believe that making breakthroughs in key technologies, while keeping pace with technological progress, is the driving force for medical transformation and development. We are committed to bringing more reliable, excellent, and cost-effective healthcare services to people with the latest and best technologies.

As the largest overseas market, India has always kept a consolidated partnership with Snibe. Last year, with the support of the Indian market, Snibe continued to enhance its presence in Indian hospitals and laboratories with the best and most comprehensive solutions, resulting in multiple commercial collaborations. In the future, Snibe will still deepen its cooperation with the Indian market, which will be the first market where our cutting-edge technology will land. We hope to meet all hospitals’ and laboratories’ needs by launching innovative full-suite medical solutions, and are committed to providing better healthcare for customers and patients. 

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