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Liquid handling technology market gets a push from rapid integration of robotic solutions

The global liquid handling technology market is expected to reach USD 5.54 billion by 2025, projects Grand View Research. Major pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies are rapidly integrating robotic solutions including automated liquid handling workstations to enhance their workflow, which in turn, is expected to drive the market growth in the coming years. The investment by pharmaceutical companies in global drug development continues to increase. Clinical trials for the robust drug pipelines of these companies are projected to further increase the investments in R&D. These pharma players are competing to sustain the growing competition in the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, companies are more focused on eliminating errors, reducing processing steps, and fulfilling standard regulatory conditions to accelerate their workflows.

As advanced liquid handling platforms provide all these benefits, demand for automated liquid handling workstations is expected to increase significantly. Technology advancements in liquid handling solutions have led to the development of liquid handling systems that perform serial dilution, plate replication, PCR set-up, plate reformatting, and high-throughput screening more efficiently. Emerging fields such as genetics, epigenetics, and single cell analysis are identified with high potential applications in drug discovery, cancer research, and molecular diagnostics. Rising research activities in aforementioned domains are expected to foster advancements in this market.

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