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Lok Nayak Hospital to Get Facelift, Beds to be Doubled to 4000

In a bid to provide better healthcare facility for the citizens of Delhi, the state government has decided to increase the beds to 4000 from existing 2100 in Lok Nayak Hospital. As per the expansion plan, the casualty ward will be remodeled while the international norm will be followed for intensive care unit (ICU). According to the sources, the government has also planned to construct a new block for medical, pediatrics and maternity wings with an expected budget of ₹750 crore, while enhancing the bed capacity from 90- 500. The official also added that administration will construct two skyscrapers building of 25-floor each within the premises of the Lok Nayak Hospital. Moreover, 10 departments have already got the NOC and entire construction is expected to be completed in next four years. “Around 7000 patients are getting treatments every day in this hospital, said a senior official from Delhi Health department.

Delhi government has prepared a model of the building, in which two floors have been allotted for parking and rest 23 floors will be sanctioned for the hospital functioning. Meanwhile, the parking lot will have two gates, one will open towards the GB Pant hospital and second will open towards the Delhi Gate Metro station. The parking will provide the space to around 475 vehicles. “The construction process is likely to be completed in 2022 and it will be handed over to the hospital by year 2025,” official added. The official further said that currently Lok Nayak hospital has 2100 beds, in which 83 beds are for ICU, after the project will complete the bed capacity will increase to 4000 and ICU beds will rise to 400, apart from this it will have 44 operation theaters. Apart from this, hospital will incorporate 75 senior doctors, 300 senior or junior residents and around 1500 nurses. Meanwhile, 84,840 square meters will be used to build an advance pediatrics care to give the space for 1472 beds to care neonatal, women and child in emergency.

“The Lok Nayak Hospital (LNH) will follow international norm for Intensive Care Units (ICU), that is one ICU bed for every 12 beds. The casualty ward will be remodeled at an approximate cost of ₹250 crore. A new block will be constructed for medical, pediatric, and maternity wings at a cost of another ₹750 crore,” he said. The proposal, yet to be sanctioned for expenditure, will help increase the number of beds to 4000 from the present 2100 beds in the LNH. – Millennium Post

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