Low-Cost Drug Store To Open At PMCH Today

PATNA: Patients and their attendants at Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) will now be able to buy medicines and implants at the rates cheaper than open market from low-cost drug store under ‘Amrit (affordable medicine and reliable implants for treatment)’ scheme of the Centre from Wednesday.
“This medical store will have about 500 generic and branded medicines as well as implants required for different treatments,” PMCH superintendent Dr Rajiv Ranjan Prasad said on Tuesday.

Situated near gate number 3 of PMCH, adjacent to the eye department, this medical store would remain open for customers round the clock on all seven days.

Dr Prasad said the new medical store on the hospital campus was being opened under a government of India scheme to make medicines available at cheaper rates. “Some years back, there were two medical stores on the PMCH premises, but they were closed by the hospital administration,” he added.

While the medicines, including injectable ones available under Amrit scheme, would cost 5% to 50% cheaper than the open market, implants needed in surgical, orthopaedic, cardiac, dental, burn eye and ear would cost almost half the price in the open market.

Power glasses and lens for implant in cataract and other eye diseases would also be available at subsidised price, Dr Prasad said.

About 5,000 patients from different parts of the state visit PMCH per day for treatment.

“The hospital already has 222 types of medicines available for treatment and it also provides 70 types of pathological and other diagnostic examinations free of cost. MRI and city scan are also done at subsidised rates. In some cases, patients are advised to get medicines from outside that cost them higher. The new medicine store under Amrit scheme will be of great relief to them,” Dr Prasad said.-Times Of India

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