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Luxembourg ambassador visits Altem’s 3D Innovation Centre in Bangalore

Altem Technologies, a pioneering name in the 3D printing and scanning industry, was honored to host Ambassador Peggy Frantzen from Luxembourg at its state-of-the-art 3D Experience Centre. This distinguished visit provided an exclusive opportunity for the Ambassador to witness firsthand the incredible advancements in additive manufacturing and 3D scanning technologies, and the impact Altem has created in the Indian healthcare sector with the technlogy.

The 3D Experience Centre, situated at Koramangala, Bangalore, is a testament to Altem’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the realm of 3D printing and scanning. During the Ambassador’s visit, a diverse range of cutting-edge FDM and Polyjet 3D printers from Stratasys and several Artec3D 3D Scanners were showcased, highlighting Altem’s dedication to delivering unparalleled quality and precision in the world of additive manufacturing.

Of particular significance was the collaboration between Altem Technologies and Artec3D Luxembourg. The 3D Experience Centre proudly showcased a host of 3D scanners from Artec3D, which have played an instrumental role in various transformative projects. Altem demonstrated the profound impact of Artec3D’s scanners on custom prosthetics and orthotics, revolutionizing the medical field by enabling personalized solutions that enhance patients’ lives. The use of 3D scanners in orthodics and prosthetics help shorten the time required to develop the prostheses at a more accurate rate. Altem has parterned with various healthcare institutions in India to help develop such prostheses for children and patients from the low-income sector Ambassador Peggy Frantzen expressed her pride in Luxembourg’s contributions to the field of prosthetics and orthotics through Artec3D’s cutting-edge scanning technology. ”Witnessing the tangible impact of Luxembourg’s technological innovations on improving lives globally is a source of immense pride. The collaboration between Altem Technologies and Artec3D has showcased our commitment to pushing the boundaries of healthcare solutions.” In addition to the implications in healthcare, Artec3D Scanners are also being used in archaeology in Bengaluru. Altem also presented a remarkable use case involving the digitization of ancient inscription stones in Bangalore. With the assistance of Artec3D scanners, these priceless historical artifacts, bearing the Kannada language from around 1250 AD, were meticulously digitized, preserving a crucial piece of cultural heritage and enabling researchers and enthusiasts to explore this ancient script with unprecedented clarity.

”We were truly honored to welcome the Ambassador from Luxembourg to our 3D Experience Centre,” said Rajesh Mumbaraddi, Director at Altem Technologies. ”This visit was a testament to the global significance of our collaborations and the transformative potential of 3D printing and scanning technologies in various domains. The showcase of Artec3D’s cutting-edge scanners and their impact on medical applications and historical preservation is a testament to the power of innovation.” Altem Technologies remains committed to pushing the boundaries of 3D printing and scanning innovation, and the visit by the Ambassador from Luxembourg further underscored the company’s prominence as a leader in the industry.

About Altem Technologies Since 2010, Altem Technologies (P) Ltd has been a leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software Partner for Dassault Systèmes and distributor of Stratasys 3D printing solutions. It offers multiple end-to-end digital solutions like PLM Software solutions like CATIA, DELMIA, 3DVIA, ENOVIA & BIOVIA from Dassault Systèmes along with FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) & Polyjet technology-based 3D Printers from Stratasys Ltd., 3D Scanners from Artec 3D, CAE solutions from Hexagon, Metal 3D printers from Intech Additive and Optimisation solutions from ESTECO, we deliver a complete 3D Experience to our customers. PTI

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