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Maglumi 2000 from Snibe

Maglumi 2000 chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) system is a powerful IVD product of Snibe, targeting mid- and large-size labs or hospitals. With a broad test menu, various needs for clinical diagnostic could be well met by this system.

Maglumi 2000 contained two cutting-edge technologies. Non-enzyme ABEI small molecule label greatly enhances stability in acid and alkaline solutions. Nano-magnetic microbeads can remarkably extend beads’ surface area which is necessary to catch the target analyte, which leads to a tremendous improvement of the sensitivity, accuracy, and precision of the reagents.

Compared to other models, Maglumi 2000 stands out due to its smart and humanized design with a capacity up to 144 samples and 15 reagents. Two separate needles are required for samples and reagents pipetting. Moreover, cross-contamination is perfectly avoided by using a Teflon-coated titanium needle, along with inner and external washing procedure. Additionally, the high-speed moving pipetting arm guaranteed high testing speed.

Regarding reagents, over 154 assays in the test menu, ranging from thyroid, tumor markers, and fertility to TORCH, hepatic fibrosis, infectious disease, and special items like free-testosterone, AMH and so on cover almost all the departments’ requirements in the hospital. Besides, free internal QC and built-in calibrators for reagents can greatly reduce the cost for the end-user.

Alex Xu
Overseas Tec0ica8l Director,
Snibe Co., Ltd.

“On July 14, 2017, Snibe Co., Ltd. receives the FDA clearance on the commercialization of TSH on Maglumi 2000 fully-automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay system (US FDA 510 (k), K No.: K162698). It is the first company in China who received FDA cleared on CLIA product. As one of the global pioneers in IVD, Snibe has always regarded product quality as the foundation of enterprise and getting the approval of FDA is a symbol to show the great determination and endeavor. This achievement not only means Snibe gets the ticket to the US market, but also the quality of Snibe products portfolio reached the international advanced level and launch a new era to provide more choices for customers as top companies.”

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