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Maiden TAVR Heart Procedure Successfully Done at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital

Doctors at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital said they have successfully performed heart valve replacement through a minimally invasive procedure for the first time in the hospital. The transcatheter aortic valve (TAVR) or transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) is a minimally invasive procedure for aortic stenosis, condition of narrowing of one of the major heart valves. It is preferred for those who carry high risk for open heart surgery and anesthesia, said a release from the hospital. “The procedure was performed on Radhakrishnan, a 69-year-old milk man from Thiruporur, recently. The patient was presented with severe narrowing of aortic valve and asthma. It affected his normal life. So open heart surgery could not be done. Cardiologists at the hospital decided to perform TAVR procedure,” it added. In TAVR procedure, a catheter mounted prosthetic valve is introduced and implanted within the damaged valve. The prosthetic valve is taken via catheter through a femur blood vessel. It is an indigenously made valve. TAVR procedure is a minimally invasive and avoids surgical opening of chest. The patient was almost back to normal life the next day itself,” the statement from the hospital said. – New Indian Express


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