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Marengo Asia Hospitals signs contract with Mongolia for clinical corridor

Marengo Asia Hospitals announced its multi-level international partnership with three hospitals in Mongolia. This is a milestone as Marengo Asia Hospitals will be the very first healthcare provider to collaborate with the Ministry of Health, Government of Mongolia, where the Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with the Central Health Department, the Ministry of Health, the Central Military Hospital, and the First Affiliated Hospital, the three major healthcare institutes in Mongolia. The ceremony was presided over by the Honorable Health Minister of Mongolia Chinzorig Sodnom, Member of Parliament Professor Chinburen Jigjidsuren, and Narantuya Bayarmagnai, Director, Central Health Department. Marengo Asia Hospitals also expressed gratitude to the Mongolia Ambassador to India, Ambassador Ganbold Dambajov, and the Indian Ambassador to Mongolia MP Singh.

Propagating the concept of a ‘clinical corridor’, Marengo Asia Hospitals has led the partnership with the Ministry of Health, Government of Mongolia to train 200 medical professionals. This is a strategic development aimed at enhancing healthcare services and promoting international collaboration and Marengo Asia Hospitals is committed to this landmark partnership to create a significant and positive impact on healthcare outcomes, not only within India but also on a global scale. This endeavor brings together India and Mongolia to utilize the resources and talent to address the growing healthcare demands of the modern world.

The key focus of the partnership will be on capacity building, and skills enhancement within the healthcare force. Training programs, knowledge sharing, and professional development opportunities will be offered to medical professionals from Mongolia at Marengo Asia Hospitals.

The doctors from Marengo Asia Hospitals will also visit Mongolia for OPDs and to operate on patients. This will make the treatment more affordable and accessible to the people of Mongolia as not everyone can travel out of Mongolia for treatment. While operating and conducting procedures in Mongolian hospitals they will in turn also train doctors/nurses on site and impart skills to enhance their talent across all key and tertiary specialties for uplifting the level of care in the country for optimized outcomes and enhanced healthcare practices and contributing to a stronger and more versatile healthcare force. The key specialties in the first phase to focus on will be Cardiac Sciences, Oncology, Neuroscience, Liver diseases, and Urology.

The next level planned is conducting surgical master classes in the biggest government hospitals in Mongolia. The practice of clinical corridors and telemedicine will also be developed further for patients from Mongolia to connect with doctors for consultations.

Under the umbrella of the G20 event, Advantage Healthcare India, Dr Raajiv Singhal popularised his concept of ‘Clinical Corridors’ and the ‘Three Ts’.

Elaborating on his concept, Dr Raajiv Singhal, Managing Director & Group CEO, Marengo Asia Hospitals said, “We are excited to initiate this journey as the first healthcare provider to initiate this MoU in Mongolia. The concept of ‘Clinical Corridors’ is key to creating a synergy that will elevate healthcare standards and impact countless lives positively. By combining our expertise, resources, and dedication to innovate, we believe this collaboration will serve as a model for global healthcare cooperation. We are also very excited to propagate the concept of 3 T’s – Teach, Train, and Treat. We are poised for a transformative change in the healthcare industry. With teaching, training, and treating Marengo Asia Hospitals will contribute to a healthier future in communities worldwide with our combined efforts. Global Care Consulting has played a pivotal role in creating this partnership.”

Narantuya Bayarmagnai, Director, Central Health Department said, “We welcome Dr Raajiv Singhal and his team of medical professionals of Marengo Asia hospitals to Mongolia to share their knowledge and skills to train our doctors here. This is an innovative method of skilling professionals across the globe, across borders that was not viable a decade ago. With the growing demands in healthcare, this initiative will help us upskill our healthcare professionals to enhance the outcomes of patient care and also to become increasingly self-sufficient as a country.” India Education Diary

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