Mayo Clinic, ASU Pick Six Startups For Health IT Accelerator

San Francisco-based GYANT combines messaging, artificial intelligence (AI) and medical experts, including a team of providers and machine learning experts, to improve the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that are not urgent.

Hexoskin produces a wearable shirt for in-home rehabilitation that contains embedded sensors and uses AI and analytics from collected biometric data to connect to a remote patient monitoring platform.

A third upstart, BioInteractive Technologies, produces wearable device and protocols for hand and wrist therapy for sports medicine rehabilitation, including the Tenzr device.

Securisyn produces a medical device that provides airway stability for ventilated patients to prevent unplanned extubations, which can occur when a patient or other external force pulls an inadequately stabilized breathing tube out of the airway.

Also among the inaugural accelerator class is the developer of sexual health application Safe, which provides low-cost testing, information sharing and relevant wellness education.

The app allows patients to consult with sexual health specialists, find and book STD testing, and access a trusted source for clinical information.

The sixth startup, Life365, is an Arizona-based remote patient monitoring company that currently offers a range of solutions to engage health consumers at home, including a patented operating system for wearable health technology, software apps and integration to hundreds of connected medical devices. – Healthcare IT News

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