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Medical equipment financing gaining popularity in India

In a world where investing has evolved beyond traditional asset classes, alternative investments have gained popularity as they offer investors the chance to diversify their portfolio, earn potentially higher returns, and explore unique cross-border and cross-currency opportunities. One such promising alternative investment option gaining popularity, especially in India, is medical equipment financing. India’s healthcare is often globally lauded for being accessible and affordable. However, there is still a need for advanced medical equipment to meet the varying needs of a vastly growing population. And the cost of acquiring and maintaining this equipment is often a challenge for healthcare institutions due to the lack of appropriate remuneration, staffing, and overall infrastructure. Recognizing this gap, global alternative investment company Hedonova, ventured into the world of medical equipment financing – offering a dual solution and innovative investment avenue to individuals and organizations wanting to make a meaningful impact on healthcare.

The promise of medical equipment financing as an alternative investment
There are several reasons why medical equipment financing can be lucrative for investors. Medical equipment financing typically provides steady and predictable returns, often in the form of monthly or quarterly lease payments from hospitals and healthcare institutions. This steady income stream can be appealing to investors seeking reliable returns. Medical equipment financing allows investors to diversify their portfolios beyond traditional assets like stocks, bonds, real estate, and others. As healthcare is an industry always in demand, it provides a valuable counterbalance to economic instability and stays safe from market volatility. Also, unlike many other alternative investments, medical equipment financing involves investing in tangible assets. The tangibility of these assets offer liquidity to investors when necessary. Investors may also benefit from tax incentives associated with medical equipment financing. Additionally, for socially conscious investors, medical equipment financing offers an opportunity to make a concrete difference in improving the quality of healthcare and the overall well-being of patients.

Hedonova’s framework for investing in medical equipment financing
Hedonova’s entry into medical equipment financing in India aims to strike two birds with one stone – to offer investors a lucrative yet sustainable alternative investment avenue. Through strategic and transparent partnerships, Hedonova helps investors invest in businesses and healthcare providers that align with their investment goals and risk appetite. The company forges meaningful partnerships through Purchase Money Security Interest (PMSI) agreements, making it the owner of the medical equipment and preventing the financial implications of default. Hedonova conducts comprehensive due diligence on potential healthcare providers across the globe seeking equipment financing. This ensures that investors only put their money into credible and reliable providers. Transparency is a cornerstone of Hedonova’s practices. Investors have access to detailed information about the healthcare providers, the equipment, and the expected returns – historically the returns earned have been 19.6%. Hedonova does not simply connect investors with healthcare providers and walk away. Investors are always kept in the loop – they receive regular updates on the performance of their investments, including financial reports and any relevant developments or market trends in the healthcare industry that might impact their investment.

Hedonova’s approach to medical equipment financing as an alternative investment option in India is both innovative and impactful. This alternative investment avenue empowers investors to diversify their portfolios, earn steady returns, and make a difference in healthcare. Moreover, it supports healthcare providers in acquiring and maintaining cutting-edge medical equipment, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. As India’s healthcare sector continues to evolve, alternative investments like medical equipment financing are bridging the healthcare gap and making advanced technology accessible to all demographics. Hedonova’s vision of empowering healthcare through innovative financing models serves as a testament to the positive impact that alternative investments can have on both individuals and society at large. It’s a win-win for investors, healthcare providers, and, most importantly, the countless patients who benefit from improved healthcare services. Hedonova is at the forefront of this healthcare revolution, empowering both investors and healthcare providers. ThePrint

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