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Medical Store Owners Told Not To Sell Banned Drugs

DSP Payal Surjit Singh on Thursday held a meeting with chemists of Doraha and sought their help in their fight against drug addiction in the area. The meeting was held with the chemists association so that the sale of prohibited drugs could be banned and a strict vigil be kept on those selling synthetic drugs.

“The police would henceforth keep a vigil on any such activity which seems to be unnatural. No chemist shall sell medicine without the doctor’s prescription and if it happens, the licence of the medical store owner shall be confiscated and brought to book,” DSP Surjit Singh asserted.

“Single department sometimes becomes helpless in fighting the problem tooth and nail till it gets support from all quarters. With the cooperation of all units, associations and organisations we can fight this deadly menace. For this, the police need the cooperation of the chemists, who should hand over a drug addict they come across to the police,” he added.

“Our policy is not to punish them, rather rehabilitate them in a way that they rejoin the mainstream and contribute towards their families’ welfare. At the same time, they should prove to be a responsible citizen of the country as well. We wish to hand them over to drug de-addiction centres so that they may quit the deadly habit. You are the ones who can identify drug addicts and bring them back to their normal life,” said DSP Payal Surjit Singh.

Jandeep Kaushal, president of the chemists’ association, Doraha, assured that no chemist would sell any drug against medical ethics.- Tribune India

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