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Medical technology, transforming India’s healthcare industry

The MedTech industry has undergone numerous changes as a result of shifting needs and magnified health awareness, particularly post pandemic. Amidst this transitory environment, Trivitron Healthcare, a leading MedTech organization is actively assisting healthcare professionals in delivering the highest quality of care with maximum precision. The increased demand for novel applications has increased the utility of integrating transformative technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, cloud computing, next-generation sequencing (NGS), and medical imaging. In addition to bring transformation in India’s healthcare industry, Trivitron is pursuing innovation in order to make modern healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Future of the medical technology industry in India
Innovation and healthcare delivery have experienced tremendous growth in the industry, and the future looks extremely promising. Currently, 80 percent of medical devices are imported; however, this will change as the government prioritizes Make in India. India’s current position as one of the top 20 global markets for medical devices and the fourth-largest in Asia is likely to improve significantly as a result of the pro-industry policies that have been announced. The Make in India flagship initiative has identified the medical devices industry as a key sector and Trivitron’s dedication to Atmanirbhar Bharat in medical devices will improve India’s manufacturing capabilities and stimulate R&D in the industry. The production-linked incentive scheme (PLI) for promoting domestic manufacturing of medical devices and the PLI scheme for pharmaceuticals (PLI 2.0) are measures that will assist India in achieving its goal of dominating the global medical devices manufacturing industry.

New medical innovations in the MedTech industry
Increased connectivity, the development of AI solutions, and technological advancements contribute to the growth of the medical technology industry. The development of AI and machine learning (ML) is one of the most rapidly expanding industries. This growth is advantageous for medical imaging and diagnostic equipment, healthcare software and services, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, mobile health applications, and numerous other medical technologies. Additionally, the development is contributing to the creation of innovative medical treatments. The markets for implanted medical devices and wearable external medical devices are also expanding.

Trivitron Healthcare’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are uniting the power of diagnostic and research by working on the groundwork for spreading good health and happiness. Trivitron is committed to providing futuristic applications by encompassing advanced R&D, coupled with solid manufacturing capabilities, under the supervision of leading scientists, engineers, professionals, and industry experts.

Trivitron demonstrates its expertise in radiation protection, critical care, diagnostics, and advanced CT scans. Trivitron center of excellence in metabolomics, genomics, newborn screening, and molecular diagnostics constantly strives toward novel innovations and applications to transform healthcare with quality products, services, and smart ventures. At Trivitron facility, the advanced, state-of-the-art, and well-equipped modern CT and MRI scans are manufactured after extensive research and robust quality checks under the supervision of experts.

Trivitron is on a mission to achieve the unachievable by bringing the best solutions with the newborn screening test (NBS). It is an advanced technology that not only detects several metabolic, genetic, hormonal, and blood-related disorders in the baby but also helps secure their future by detecting the root cause of the disease and starting initial treatment with early detection. Every child deserves a happy childhood and a better future, and with our NBS and modern healthcare products, Trivitron supports parents and their families.

Trivitron aligns itself quickly to deliver the best to create an impact with positive changes in healthcare solutions. The motto of New India is Atmanirbhar Bharat, and Trivitron, as an indigenous healthcare organization, is implementing new strategies and plans that will enable the company to accelerate its core business globally and capitalize medical technology growth prospects in India. 

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