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In Vitro Diagnostics 2022

Microbiology instruments

Beacon Diagnostics
Stained salmonella antigen set
Reagent kit for qualitative detection of antibodies to Sal, Typhosa, Paratyphi A & B by rapid slide test that gives quick results in 1 min.

Febrile antigen set
Reagent kit for quantitative detection of antibodies to Sal, Typhosa, Paratyphi A & B by tube test method.

Non- treponemal test for detection of reagin antibodies developed against syphilis by flocculation methods.

Latex Serology
Qualitative slide test for detection of RA / ASO / CRP in human serum samples giving quick results in just 2 mins.

Beckman Coulter

DxM MicroScan WalkAway
Trusted detection of emerging and critical antimicrobial resistance with gold-standard MIC accuracy.

MicroScan WalkAway plus System
Stay in the forefront of ID/AST testing while streamlining workflow through intelligent automation.

MicroScan autoSCAN-4 System
Semi-automated system for detecting difficult organisms or as a primary instrument for low-volume usage.

Bhat Bio-Tech

Hemophilia FVIII Rapid Test
Easy – room temperature stable point of care.

VWD Rapid Test
Room temperature stable lateral flow assay.

Blood Grouping Rapid Test
Single strip-room temperature stable.

HIV-SYPHILIS Combo Card Test
Rapid test for HIV-Syphilis in a single device; room temperature; long shelf life.


New-generation mass spectrometry microbial identification system With its all-new design, for routine microbial identification enhancing productivity for faster time to results and improved patient management.

An expert automated instrument for ID/AST testing for rapid, accurate testing. Its smart design helps ensure better overall laboratory workflow with fewer repetitive tasks, higher safety, improved standardization, and rapid time-to-results and reporting.

Sophisticated automated microbial detection systems with advantages in every dimension of blood culture testing from safety and design to recovery and accuracy. All this in a single innovative platform that’s the most compact, modular and flexible system for the the recovery of a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and mycobacteria.

Bruker Daltonics

MALDI Biotyper
Automated microbial ID in 1 min; Applicable to a wide range of microbes; Easy sample preparation; Direct ID from positive blood culture.

CPC Diagnostics

Automated line immune processor for allergy and immune infectious.

HiMedia Laboratories

Antibiotic sensitivity discs (SD series)
Antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) systems: Huge range of antibacterial and antifungal discs available for AST, single and multiple combination pack and customizable.

Ezy MIC™ & HiComb™ (EM & MDM series)
Antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) systems: Strip and comb format for Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) with predefined exponential gradient of antimicrobial incorporated, customizable.

HiMIC™ plate kits (MPK series)
Antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) systems: Hassle free, patented, broth micro-dilution method, visual interpretation, single and multi-antimicrobial format, customizable.

MALDI-TOF Autof MS1000™ (AM01)
A rapid microbial ID of your microbes with the largest species database in the world.

Air Samplers System (LA881 and other LA series)
Monitoring of airborne microbes, programmable with variable flow rates (100litres/min, 180 liters/min).

Loop Sterilizer (LA 832, LA001)
Multiple loop sterilizer, high accuracy and reliability, multiple variants available.

Suyog Diagnostics

HB & L Uroquattro Light
Automated bacteriology culture system for urine & sterile body fluid.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Sensititre ID/AST system
Scalable automation option to fit every lab for performing ID/AST accurately with small footprint. Achieve TRUE MIC using gold standard BMD method of any isolate – GN, GP, Anaerobes, Mycobacteria, Yeast & Mold – for latest antimicrobics; Customized panel options available for surveillance & research.

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