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Mindray introduces innovative upgrades to A Series Anesthesia systems

Mindray has unveiled exciting upgrades to its A7 and A5 anesthesia systems under the A Series Anesthesia. The brand-new enhancements incorporate innovative technologies that empower anesthesiologists to deliver precise anesthesia, leading to greater patient safety and efficiency throughout the perioperative period.

The demand for high-quality anesthesia and trends towards diversified anesthesia practices are ever-growing. In response to this need, Mindray has developed the A7 and A5 anesthesia systems, an integrated solution that ensures precise and safe anesthesia delivery to patients with various conditions while streamlining management for anesthesiologists. – Mark Sun, General Manager of International Sales and Marketing, Patient Monitoring and Life Support, Mindray.

Precision and efficiency combined – An integrated solution for CIVIA
Anesthesiologists encounter difficulties in effectively regulating anesthetic depth during combined intravenous-inhalation anesthesia (CIVIA). These difficulties arise from the frequent need to switch between various observation and operation devices, as well as the dispersion of vital sign information across multiple devices, which hampers efficiency and may contribute to human error.

Furthermore, the absence of a comprehensive indicator for the combined drug effects compels anesthesiologists to heavily rely on their expertise, introducing the possibility of inconsistent outcomes and heightened error risks.

AnaeSight™ is Mindray’s pioneering integrated solution for combined intravenous-inhalational anesthesia (CIVIA). It seamlessly connects anesthesia machines, patient monitors, and pumps, enabling centralized control over both intravenous and inhalational anesthetics. This streamlined integration helps anesthesiologists to effortlessly manage anesthetics and monitor patient vital signs from a single user-friendly interface. With the comprehensive assessment of patient status, AnaeSight™ enhances precision and efficiency in anesthesia management.

Additionally, the eMAC™ indicator of AnaeSight™ accurately gauges the combined drug effects of multiple anesthetics, aiding anesthesiologists, especially young practitioners, make well-informed decisions with ease.

With AnaeSight™, Mindray is revolutionizing the field of anesthesia by offering a comprehensive solution for CIVIA. Centralized control, integrated assessment, and combined drug effect all work together to effectively reduce workload, minimize the risk of human errors, improve the quality of anesthesia, and enhance overall patient safety.

Diverse ventilation modes for optimal patient care
With the aging population and increasing prevalence of issues like obesity, the optimization of ventilation management for patients during the perioperative period is becoming an increasingly important concern for anesthesiologists. Inadequate pre-oxygenation is a high-risk factor, and traditional mask oxygen delivery has its limitations.

A machine purpose-built to help anesthesiologists provide optimal ventilation management, the Mindray A7 and A5 offer both intubated and non-intubated anesthesia options to meet the needs of all patients.

In addition to the High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) found in A Series anesthesia machines, the new systems also incorporate the HFJV for jet ventilation, which is valuable in surgeries where the airway is shared or when dealing with challenging airway cases. The use of jet ventilation can improve patient safety by maintaining oxygenation levels and creating a better surgical field.

A powerful lung recruitment tool and advanced monitoring parameters are also included in the new systems to ensure protective ventilation throughout anesthesia and reduce the risk of postoperative pulmonary complications and improve patient outcomes.

Stay connected for greater efficiency
To further enhance operational efficiency, Mindray’s A7 and A5 Anesthesia Systems incorporate information technology to comprehensively improve the functioning of departments. This technology streamlines complex tasks, allowing clinical workers to easily navigate various challenges and deliver high-quality medical services centered on patients.

Via Mindray’s M-IoT system, the operational status of devices is readily accessible, ensuring proper maintenance for clinical procedures.

Mindray remains committed to empowering anesthesiologists through our innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions, all with the ultimate aim of improving patient outcomes. Our unwavering mission is to make high-quality anesthesia accessible to all, making the advantages of advanced care attainable for a wider population.
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