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Mindray launches BeneFusion e Series infusion systems

Mindray has unveiled its BeneFusion e Series, a revolutionary efficient infusion system for the healthcare industry. Available in three models, eSP, eVP, and eDS, the BeneFusion e Series delivers efficiency in workflow, safety, application, and informatics. This brand new series will be available in selected countries and regions. BeneFusion e Series streamlines workflow via a 3.5-inch colored capacitive touchscreen, which features an intuitive UI for smooth touch operation. Fast preparation is also made possible using SmartRapid technology, which significantly shortens start-up time to less than 10 seconds from being switched on to administering the first drop of medication.

Meanwhile, the SafeDose drug management system enhances efficiency with color-coded visualizations to assist users in easily selecting and verifying the correct drug for treatment, and prevents dosing errors with hard or soft limit restrictions. For unexpected circumstances, the dynamic pressure system’s speedometer-style indicator helps medical staff monitor the in-line pressure trend at a quick glance, and provides a visual alert for a possible occlusion before interrupting the infusion. When it comes to efficiency in safety, BeneFusion e Series supports stable and seamless infusions with a smooth automatic multi-channel relay. The eVP models are also equipped with SmartAIR technology, a dual sensor design that enhances the safety level of IV administration by detecting air bubbles more precisely.

In addition, Mindray BeneFusion e Series brings efficiency in application and informatics. The BeneFusion eSP and eVP’s all-in-one design satisfies various infusion purposes by integrating blood transfusion, TCI/TIVA, Nutrition, PCA, and Neonatal application functions into one system, while the flexible modular docking design of the eDS supports tool-free expansion up to 16 slots. All of these infusion systems can be linked to BeneVision CMS, which offers efficient one-stop monitoring of all patients’ vital signs and infusion treatment details to improve the quality of care.


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