Aar-em Electronics 

Champion True Online Double Conversion UPS 8KVA-20KVA

3:1 Phase true on-line topology; Wide input voltage range and generator compatible; User-friendly compact design; Input power factor corrector

Champion Three Phase UPS 20KVA-60KVA

IGBT based double conversion technology; Build in automatic and manual bypass; Built-in intelligent high capacity charger for long backup time

Champion UPS Online Series 1KVA-10KVA

1:1 Phase true online double conversion UPS; Built-in automatic bypass; Extended runtime with external battery; DC start and automatic self-diagnostic function

Aarvam Medical Systems

Ultrasonics Cavitation (Lipolysis)

Combines the advantage of ultrasonic cavitation and RF; Uses the most advanced technology

Air Liquide Medical Systems

Floval and Selectaflo

Rotameter to supply medical gases from a low pressure medical outlet; Handled with just one hand, solid and precise connection; No risk of pinching fingers; Easyclic NF inlet connector

Airox Technologies

Oxygen Generator

Onsite oxygen production for better economy, safety, and to be self-sufficient on oxygen supply

Agfa Healthcare


Multiple media size high throughput imager; A# sharp technology provides Image quality enhancement; Convenient multi-format imaging with three media sizes; Daylight insensitive media


Multi format direct digital imager; A# Sharp technology provides image quality enhancement; Compact and table-top, Convenient imaging with two media sizes; Daylight Insensitive Media


Small, convenient footprint; A# Sharp technology provides Image quality enhancement; Efficient throughput makes first prints available in an instant; Convenient imaging, with two media sizes


Single tray direct digital imager; Excellent reliability, minimum maintenance; Convenient imaging with one media size on-line; Provides excellent quality for low operating cost

Allengers Medical Systems


Surgical laser for lithotripsy: Advanced short and long pulse laser with temperature controlled chiller system


C-arm compatible lithotripter; Extra corporeal shockwave lithotripsy technology for treatment of kidney stones through non invasive method


Treadmill test system; De-Fib protection; Direct USB 2.0 and inbuilt resting ECG software

Neuro PLOT 40

40 channel EEG

Virgo Traveller 24/32/40

Elecroencephalograph for recording and monitoring of electrical activities of brain and to investigate and locate seizure origin

Virgo SL- 32/40

32/40 channel polysomnograph – lightweight and compact with sleep staging option for adult and pediatrics

Scorpio -2/4

2/4 channel electromyograph capable to perform EMG/EP/NCS studies

NTF Solutions

NTF solution is a revolution in the radiology printing market; the film can be used for clinical medical information; It is quite useful for printing of DICOM images of DR, CT Scan, MRI, CR, etc

Astra Medical Systems

Phototherapy Units

Imported blue LED; No heat transfer to upper surface; Uniform spread of light; Low power consumption; Sleek and compact design; Zero maintenance; Noise free operation


Edan F9 Series Fetal Monitor

Wide range of high end fetal and maternal monitor; Can be upgraded with direct ECG and IUP; Low maintenance cost

Edan F6 Series Fetal Monitor

Improved efficiency; Compact setup; Powerful suction; Smoke evacuation system; Radiofrequency surgery


Portable fetal doppler , USFDA certified

Atmos, Germany – Gynecology workstation

Improved efficiency; Compact setup; Powerful suction; Smoke evacuation system; Radiofrequency surgery

Atmos – Vacuum extractor

Microprocessor controlled; High-resolution display; Increased safety; Sensor monitored vacuum; Optional foot control

Atmos – High end Cardiac / Neuro Suction

High power suction units with DDU facility

Nasco, USA – Manikins

Cost-effective trainers & models

LAERDAL, Norway- Skill Lab

Advanced skill lab set up from the World Leaders in skill training

Spencer, Italy

Auto loader, emergency kit, vacuum splint, spine board, scoop stretcher etc


Infusion pumps, low end patient monitors, finger tip pulse oximeters, oxygen cylinders (aluminium), entonox kit, LED laryngoscope etc

BPL Medical Technologies

Cardiology Accessories

Patient cables; Electrodes and rubber bulbs, NiBP cuffs, smart ECG viewer software, and dynatrac Neo STS software

Anaesthesia Accessories

AWS respiratory accessories

Critical Care Accessories

Patient monitor sensor; Probes and extension cables; CNS for patient monitors; Reusable resuscitators; Reusable laryngeal masks; Video laryngoscope

Imaging Accessories

Ultrasound probes

Cardiology Consumables

ECG recording paper, ECG gel, disposable electrodes, and blue sensor electrodes

Anesthesia Consumables

Breathing circuits, breathing bags, facemasks

Critical Care Consumables

Single use resuscitators, facemasks, head immobilization products, suction pumps, suction booster, and laryngeal masks

Imaging Consumables

Ultrasound gel


CPR manikins , ACLS manikins, airway manikins, defib trainer manikins, IV trainer manikins, and baby manikins

BPL Smart Oxy

Color OLED display; Perfusion index display; Brightness control; Four direction display and six display modes and big font display


Specially designed dual-mode infrared thermometer which ensures easy acquisition of temperature from both forehead and ear


One-button operation; 1 second measurement time; Fever warning and 20 readings memory recall


Non-contact detection (1–5 cm); Multi-use (body/object temperature detection); 1 second measurement time and 20 readings memory recall

BPL Orthopedic Heating Pad – Regular and Extra Large

Pain relief; Four layer insulation for safety; Three heating levels; Soft cotton cover for comfort and flexibility

Colpoview C1

A digital video colposcope with cold LED lighting and fast auto focus for precise cervical examinations; Enables real time magnification, acetic acid, and iodine test timer; Electronic green filter

CM 2601 Cautery machine

Monopolar cut with four levels of haemostasis; Options for monopolar coagulation — forced, fulgurate, soft (dessicate), and spray; Bipolar coagulation with three variants; Comes with two independent output channels

Penlon Sigma Delta Vaporizers

Multiple agent and filler block options; Four backbar mounting systems; Low body weight; Superb performance, particularly at low flow

MM 9855 Maternal Monitor

12.1-inch high-resolution colour TFT display with titable screen; Twin FHR monitoring; Automatic fetal movement detection with event marker; Special high sensitive watertight probe

Vyaire Medical formerly known as Carefusion

Vital Signs Airway Access Devices

Convenient, cost-effective access to patient airways; Lightweight, latex-free head positioner; Laryngoscope systems with comfortable, sturdy handles, and single-use blade; Single-use oral airways, stylets, and endotracheal tube

Anaesthetic Care Breathing Systems

Variable size, single-use anesthesia face masks; Pain-free CO2 absorbents, nasal cannulas, and breathing circuits

Vital Signs ECG supplies

ECG cables, leadwires, electrodes, and paper designed and validated for GE Healthcare patient monitoring and diagnostic cardiology equipment

Broselow System

Ensure accurate medication dosing while utilizing height to categorize patients in color zones; Immediate access to critical supplies; Proven clinical methodology

Vital Signs Cardiac Output Supplies

Include cables in various lengths with a standard three-pin catheter connector; Designed for the bedside; Reduce cable curling or tangling during use and storage

Pressure Infusor Bags

Single-patient-use pressure infusors help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination during fluid infusion; Easy-to-view pressure gauge; Three sizes are available for various clinical uses

MicroCO, BabyCO, Smoke Check

Carbon monoxide monitors for the detection of cigarette consumption

Carestream Health

DryView 5700 Laser Imager

Reliable and affordable laser film printing system; This innovative tabletop medical imaging system offers simplicity and affordability for healthcare facilities of all sizes; Photothermographic (dry laser) technology; 325 pixels per inch; Throughput up to 45 – 85 films/hr; Choice of 5 film sizes

DryView 5950 Laser Imager

Offers perfect integration of high diagnostic image performance and low costs; Offers flexible, high-resolution laser printing for mammography and general radiography; Photothermographic (dry laser) technology; 508 pixels per inch; Throughput up to 70 films/hr; Choice of 5 film sizes

DryView 6950 Laser Imager

Provides ultimate performance for demanding, high-volume environments; Delivers the ideal mix of innovation and affordability with DRYVIEW digital image quality, high image resolution, fast throughput and accommodates a wide variety of applications such as CT, CR, DR, MRI and FFD & CR Mammo; 650 laser pixels per inch; Three film supplies on-line; Optional 5-bin film sorter

MyVue Center Self-Service Kiosk

Gives patients convenient access to their radiology images and reports; Can eliminate equipment such as film and paper printers and CD/DVDs while reducing equipment service and labor costs associated with providing radiology images and reports to patients

Managed Print Solutions

Our exclusive web portal eliminates surprises and the administrative overhead of managing film usage, inventory tracking, procurement and billing; CARESTREAM Smart Link remote technology tracks your equipment and film usage data by size, printer location or printer and displays it on a dashboard accessible at any time, from anywhere; The Web portal allows you to reference contract and billing statements, inventory records and film shipment status — the information you need to make informed business decisions

Cura Healthcare

Unigamma M

All-purpose DEXA bone mineral densitometer; Automatic daily and real-time QC


Simple peristaltic instrument for aspirating and delivering of fluid/air; Continuous pump rotation or interval based rotation; High durability and ease of sterilization; Precise monitoring


Table top pulse oximeter; Audible pitch change; One touch contrast adjustment; Option to display plethysmograph or values in extra big digits


Table top capno monitor; Side stream operation suitable for non-Intubated and intubated patients; In-built zero calibration facility

Ecam scintron

Dual head SPECT whole body gamma camera; Suited for all studies of the nuclear medicine diagnostic; Fully DICOM-compatible; Adjustable caudalt tilts


Three different modes of infusion; Front loading of syringe; Auto detection of syringes; Intelligent micro controller for accuracy of dosage

Beacon Medical Grade Monitors (Display System)

CURA–Beacon partnership brings world class beacon medical grade display system for radiology, clinical viewing, and surgical/endoscopy image viewing; 2MP to 8MP diagnostic monitors; 15-98-inch surgical monitors and 19/21/24-inch clinical viewing monitors are offered

X-ray Film Digitizer

CURA brings world class, only of its kind x-ray film digitizer for radiology, oncology, teleradiology services; USFDA approved, high end and affordable variants fits all user group

Disc Publisher

CURA provides disc publisher (CD/DVD writer) thus promotes film-less environment and cost optimization as well as green environment for hospitals, cath lab, and diagnostic centres

High Pressure Contrast Medial injection system

CURA offers CT/MRI/DSA high pressure contrast media injection system (injector) along with consumables; Patented direct pressure sensor technology offers highest patient safety

Draeger Medical India

Vamos / Vamos plus

Compact and flexible anaesthetic gas monitoring with micro-optic technology gas sensor


Precise measurement of all anesthetic gases

Vapor 3000 Series

Equipped with an easy-open sealing cap, as well as setting and filling-level illumination large filling volume of 300 ml and acoustic filling level alarms

Vapor 2000 Series

Unique hand-wheel position for safe transport suitable for all plug-in systems

EMCO Meditek

Capnographs 3400M

Flexibility to choose mainstream or sidestream capnograph; Small, lightweight, mainstream CO2 sensor enabled Capnostat 5 (mainstream sensor); Consistent and reliable CO2 monitoring by LoFlo (sidestream sensor)

Blood Warmer AM301

User-adjustable set-point temperature; Easy to read LED display

Pulse Oximeter-610, 2060, and 1020

Fast and reliable SpO2 and pulse rate measurements; Patented PureSat oximeter technology; Bright, easy-to read LED displays

Pulse Oximeter-1060

User selectable high/low alarm limit; Built-in rechargeable battery; Oximeter trends available for 144 hours

MRI Pulse Oximeter 3600

20 feet fiber optic sensor (non-magnetic); MRI environment compatibility; Noise/artefact free MR images

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare


Non-Invasive respiratory support device with integrated flow generator, heated humidifier and Fio2 monitoring capable of delivering wide range of flows (2–60 litres) suitable for infant, paediatric, and adult in ICU’s, wards and emergency dept and in long term and home care

MR850 Heated Humidifier

Servo controlled heated humidifier with temparature and flow sensing suitable for invasive, non-invasive ventilation, and oxygen therapy

Optiflow Nasal Cannula

Delivers a broad variety of gas flows directly into the nares without gas jetting; Soft and flexible nasal prongs; Fully adjustable head strap

Resuscitation Masks

Soft and pliable; Versatile connection; Wide range of sizes for premature nenonates to pediatric patients

Neopuff T-Piece Resuscitator

Lightweight, gas powered device which delivers controlled peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) and delivers consistent PEEP to help functional residual capacity (FRC) and improve lung volume in neonates with birth asphyxia

NeoWrap Occlusive Wrap

Medical-grade polyethylene occlusive wrap; Stabilizes temperature effectively; Transparent biomedical-grade plastic; Individually wrapped; Easy-to-use


Innovatively designed non-invasive mask with ergonomic head gear, roll fit cushion, seal zone for nasogastric tube available in wide range of sizes from extra small to large

Evaqua Breathing Circuits

High-performance ventilation breathing circuit, dual heate, consistent compliance and low resistance, lightweight and flexible promotes closed system and minimize condensate formation

FX Rays & Imaging

Storz Modulith

Urological workstation for multi-mode stone therapy; Highly effective extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy combined with state-of-the-art endourology

Rad and Fluro Rooms

For endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Gardner Denver

WOB-L Piston Compressors

Generate medical grade oxygen for long-term home oxygen therapy; Variable output; Low power consumption

Genuine Medica

Electro Surgical Unit

400 watt; Under water diathermany; Pure cut/cut-coag/contact/spray modes

CMS 70 A

Tabletop pulse oximeter

KS Biomed

GE’s Direct Digital Bone Densitometry

Delivers exceptional precision and low-dose radiation; Provide precise data on soft tissue and bone composition, including bone-mineral density (BMD), lean- and fat-tissue mass, and percentage of fat

Medsource Ozone Biomedicals

Ozocheck Digital Thermometer

High accuracy, non-poisonous, convenient, fast response, auto shut-off, alarm signal, beeper alert, low battery indicator, and break resistance

Medcaptain Medical Technology

TP-20S DVT Preventive Pump

Special design on chambers, clinical proven solution to prevent DVT; Ergonomics design cuff, soft, and breathable; Light

TP-20 DVT Preventive Pump

One button operation; Soft and breathable cuff; Various application scenarios

Mirus Controller

Autonomous supply system for volatile anesthetics; No gas needed; Built-in gas monitor; Combined touchscreen

MP-900 Central Monitoring System

Infusion prescription management system; Dose error reduction systems; Nurses can easily select prescription by using barcode scanner

Haema T4 Thrombelastograph

To monitor the coagulation status of patients, and provide physicians a complementary tool in disease diagnosis

Medtech Life

Oxygard OG01

Simple to operate and convenient to carry pulse oximeter; Dual color OLED display; Multiple-patient reusability; 7 display modes; Small volume, light weight, and low power consumption

Air Bed AB01

Anti-decubitus alternating air pressure mattress; Super quiet; Free repair kit; Low power consumption; Easy-to-attach, compatible pump unit

Needle Burner Syringe Destroyer

Compact design that fits on the desktop; Two-second operation; Shockproof, fuse-protected, consumes less power; High-grade steel cutter

Handypap Auto CPAP

Specific calibration resistance compensation; Hands-free start; Heated humidification mode; Automatic altitude adjustment and leak compensation

Handyvap Gold Steam Inhaler

100 percent plastic body to prevent shocks; Double wall body to avoid any injury due to hot water while handling the machine; Special locking to avoid accidental opening



Digital spirometery system; Seamlessly integrates with a variety of top EMR systems; Lightweight, portable, and suitable for adults and pediatrics

GAMMA sphygmomanometers

Intricate, shock-absorbing system protects manometer; Oversized, adjustable scale is easy to read, even from a distance; Made of impact-resistant, two-component thermoplastic

Nasan Medical

ST Win

PC based stress test; Available in different models such as basic, standard, deluxe, dedica; Capable of offering a rock steady baseline at heart rate more than 180; Enable accurate computation of ST levels; Offer clean ECG without muscle tremor or 50 cycle noise


17-inch colour TFT display with touchscreen operations; Accurate computation of ST levels; Clean ECG without muscle tremor or 50 cycle noise


Versatile, PC based pulmonary function testing machine; Supports pre and post medication testing with elaborate measurements

Nectar Life Sciences


9 crystal board band pulsed wave transducer; Built-in communication port

Nidek Medical

Fetal and Maternal Monitors-F30/F50

Fetal heart rate (FHR), uterus constriction (Toco), fetal movement (FM); 7-inch high resolution (800*480) LCD display


Fetal heart rate (FHR), uterus constriction (TOCO), fetal movement (FM); 12.1-inch high-resolution (800*600) LCD display

Nihon Kohden

Neurofax µ EEG-9100

Portable digital electroencephalograph; Multiple user support with individualized protocols

Neurofax EEG-1200

256-channel digital electroencephalograph; Multiple user support with individualized protocols; Provided with 8-channel DSA trendgraph (standard) and 3-D voltage mapping (standard)

Neuropack S1 MEB-9400

2- and 4-channel EMG/NCV/EP system; Specially designed low noise hardware and integrated database management with NeuroWork bench software

Neuropack X1 MEB-2300

6- and 12-channel EMG/NCV/EP system; Specially designed low noise hardware and integrated database management with NeuroWork bench software; Designed for clinical as well as research studies incorporating quantitative analysis

Polysomnography PSG-1100

51-channel PSG system; Internal pressure transducer; Dedicated EKG reference; Internal SpO2; Integrated EtCO2 module

Polysomnography Sphinx-II

30-channel PSG system; Capable of type-1 PSG study

Polysomnography Nomad

Type III recorders; 12 channel system

Neurofax EEG-1250

ICU monitoring system with aEEG, BSR, DSA, FFT; Ideal for NICU and CICU

Neuromaster MEE-2000

Neural function measuring system; 16- or 32-channel system; Multi-modality system; Multiple user support with individualized settings

CerebAir AE-120

Wireless EEG headgear for ICU or ER monitoring; Quick connection and recording of EEG; Trending feature for easy intrepretation of EEG waveforms

Omron Healthcare India


Body composition monitor; Body mass index (BMI) display; Resting metabolism, body age, and weight display


Displays body fat percentage, visceral fat level, body mass index (BMI) display, resting metabolism, body age, and weight display


Sigma Delta Vaporizer

Delivers accurate concentrations under varying conditions of flow rate and temperature, particularly at low flow; Low body weight and comes with various filling options

FD 9713N Fetal Doppler

Advanced foetal doppler with 2.5 MHz water-proof probe; Rechargeable Li-ion battery with charger; Large LCD display with backlight; Monitors fetus > 12 weeks

FM 9852 Fetal and Maternal Monitor

Compact, lightweight, and portable foetal monitor; 7-inch high resolution color TFT display with tiltable screen; Large letter display interface and low ultrasound power

FM 9853 Fetal and Maternal Monitor

Cutting-edge foetal monitor with low ultrasound power; 12.1-inch high resolution color TFT display with tiltable screen up to 90 degrees; Single FHR monitoring; Dynamic data save; Automatic fetal movement detection with event marker

FM 9854 Fetal and Maternal Monitor

Advanced 12.1-inch foetal monitor; Ensures standard configuration of FHR, TOCO, fetal movement, dynamic data save, twin FHR monitoring, and automatic fetal movement detection with event marker

MM 9855 Fetal and Maternal Monitor

Superior maternal monitor with special high-sensitive watertight probe; 12.1-inch high-resolution color TFT display; Dynamic data save; Low ultrasound power and data storage with play back and print facility

FM 9856 Fetal and Maternal Monitor

Compact and portable fetal monitor; 10.1-inch high-resolution foldable TFT display; FHR detection, TOCO, automatic fetal movement detection, dynamic data saving, and print facility; Optional features include IUP and DECG

Poly Medicure

PolySafety Adva

User friendly, self-activating safety mechanism to prevent needle stick injuries and blood spatter


Neutral displacement connectors; Needle free technology designed to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and improve patient outcome

Rosalina Instruments


Air ionisation chamber with graphite wall, for all applicable radiation conditions

APOLLO & ASTOR Laser Systems for Patient Alignment

Unique optics project crosshair lines equal in width and brightness; Advanced adjustment system is lead screw driven and externally accessible, to make fine adjustments fast and simple



Non-contact telephoto thermometer with measurement distance within 10 cm (3.94 inch); 1 second measurement


Non-contact temple thermometer; Measurement distance within 5 cm (2 inch)


Infrared ear thermometer; 1 second measurement or continuous scanning mode


Handheld pulse oximeter with embedded artery check technology; Instant readings of SpO2, heart rate, and artery condition in 1 minute


Handheld pulse oximeter; Personal SpO2, heart rate, and memory interval thresholds setting

V3 – Suction Machine

High performance pump; Delivers -550 mm Hg vacuum and 16 liter/min flow rate

Richard Wolf

Endocam Logic 4k

Camera controller for a brilliant resolution; Special imaging modes (SIM) for improved tissue differentiation to suit the situation

Endotorch Light Tube

Used as an external light source

RSG Solutions

GX540 Radiforce Diagnostic Monochrome Series

5MP; 21.3-inch; High resolution; Recommended for mammography

GX340 Radiforce Diagnostic Monochrome Series

3MP; 21.3-inch ; High resolution; Recommended for chest CR image

Schiller Healthcare

Diagnostic Station DS-20

Designed to collect patient’s vital information; Measures diagnostic quality 12 lead ECG, pulmonary function (spirometry), non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) with option of PWA (pulse wave analysis), oxygen saturation level of arterial haemoglobin (SpO2), carboxyhaemoglobin saturation (SpCO), respiration, temperature, and weight

Easy Pulse

Device used to perform mechanical, multidirectional chest compressions on patients suffering from acute cardiac arrest; Portable, battery-powered device that delivers high quality chest compressions automatically at consistent rate and depth as recommended by AHA

Pulse Oximeter-Oxywave

Desktop pulse oximeter with smart pitch tone variation with saturation level, precise nellcore technology , 24 hours trend

Argus oxm plus

Table top/ handheld , 2.4-inch OLED display, gravity sensor, visual and audible alarms, 48 hours trend data , spo2 percentage PR and plethesmogram waveform, nelcore optional

PC Spiro

Windows-based spirometry system with pre- and post-medication comparisons

Spirovit Sp-1

Dedicated and portable spirometry system with data transmission facility and internal memory of 100 test storage

ROSA Brain

Robotic surgical assistance for neurosurgery; Can be used in any cranial procedure combining: preoperative surgical planning, precise positioning, and dexterous instrument manipulation

ROSA Spine

Robotic surgical assistance for minimally invasive spine surgery


Electrosurgical Unit Octave

Impedance-based smart feedback system for uniform cut and coagulation; 400 W with supercut for TUR surgery

Electrosurgical Unit SurgiSkan 200

Three monopolar cut modes, four monopolar coagulation modes, three bipolar modes; Contact monitoring system; Dual monopolar outputs for simultaneous monopolar coagulation

Stryker India

Intra-Compartmental Pressure Monitor

Rapid set-up with built-in microchip technology; Pre-filled syringe, hand held, and easy to transport

SmartPump Tourniquet System

Large LED screen display: Displays and stores reliable and real-time data; Interfaces with printer and external CIS devices

Surgical Displays

Wide screen LED surgical display that can support a maximum resolution of 4K (4096 x 2160)

System 7

System 7 has your feedback built-in; Every detail has a purpose to make System 7 the most dependable and highest performing recon power tool system we’ve ever made; System 7 didn’t start with us; It started with you: the people working in healthcare facilities, making tough decisions, saving and improving lives; We spent countless hours, and traveled thousands of miles, to discover exactly what you wanted from the next generation of surgical Recon power tools — and we listened to every word; The result is an innovative system that meets your demands for quality and reliability

System 8

System 8 power tools deliver more of the long-lasting reliability you trust; Built for your OR; Built for your sterile processing department; And built to benefit your bottom line; In other words, built for the whole hospital; So put each power tool through its paces; We did, so that we know when the System 8 set passes from our hands to yours, you can have total confidence

System G

Designed for performance, durability, and affordability; Delivers power, speed and torque for reaming, heavy bone-cutting and drilling required for arthroplasty and trauma procedures; Eliminates time-consuming depot repairs with a simple, detachable power module; Designed to be accurate, responsive and controlled with variable speeds and a dual forward-reverse trigger configuration; Engineered to help reduce muscle fatigue, with lightweight, comfortable and balanced handpieces; Offers a cost-effective, streamlined inventory solution through compatibility of attachments and accessories with other Stryker power tools

T5 Helmet system

Stryker Instruments is the leader in personal protection systems, evidenced by T4, the premier surgical helmet; With the T5, the best is even better; Numerous advancements in design, inspired by our ongoing dialogue with health care professionals, have yielded vast improvements.


Battery-powered, disposable pulsed lavage for orthopaedics, trauma and wound care; Minimal set up – spike and shoot; For use in total joint procedures, cemented, press-fit or revision; Concurrent suction with soft cone splash shield for optimal fluid containment without damaging soft tissue; Ergonomic shape to reduce muscle fatigue; Specific design to enhance suction capabilities; Completely disposable

Taurus Healthcare

Medical Compressors for Ventilators and N-CPAPs VENTIAIR

Clean, dry compressed air — free from oil traces for medical devices; Compatible with all ventilators

Vented Masks

iVolve nasal mask/full face; Offers more personalized fit, seal, and comfort for CPAPs/BiPAPs etc

Technocare Medisystems


Fingertip pulse oximeter; Provides a quick and accurate assessment of patient readings; Equipped with automatic features and functions like friendly operation menu, battery voltage indicator etc


Handheld pulse oximeter; Compact, user-friendly, and portable device

NT1B masimo

Fully-featured hand held pulse oximeter with the accuracy and reliability; Perfect for both continuous monitoring and spot-check applications

Pulse Oximeter with NIBP

7-inch TFT,  LED backlight; Visual and audio alarms, adjustable; Built-in removable and rechargeable lithium battery; Network with central station software; Multi-language options


Table top pulse oximeter with NIBP; Compact and portable, allowing for uninterrupted monitoring with built-in battery; Adjustable audible and visual alarms; High resolution color LCD

Respironics EtCO2 Modules

Accurate air measurings; Lightweight

Infusion Fluid Warmer

Indirect heating device (dry heat warmer); Portable and easy to use; Setup can be finished in 1 min; Acoustic and visible alarming mechanism

Blood Fluid Warmer

Portable and easy-to-use; No special training is required; High accurate digital control for temperature; Infusion fluid is regulated automatically


Kiran Radiation Protection Apparels

Available in wide range of models and designs i.e. double sided, coat, surgical, skirt and vest, panoramic, dental aprons; thyroid/ovarian/gonad shields; Each apparel is available in three core materials; Leadlite, Ultralite, ZeroLead; Each Apparel comes with a lead equivalence of 0.50, 0.35, and 0.25 mm

Kiran Radiation Protection Gloves

Leaded gloves (duo and mittens) for active beam field; made of soft, pliable material, comfortable, non-sterile; Lead-free, powder-free, disposable high-grip gloves for surgical procedures; Available in different variants i.e. max, thin, ultra-thin, Cath lab pro, latex-free

Kiran Eyewear

European lead glass with 0.75 mm Pb lead equivalence absorbing 99% of radiation; Available in different variants i.e. front, front and side, fitover, Max 10, aviators, Max 30

Kiran Anti-scatter Grids

Complete range of anti-scatter grids i.e. standard, digital, bucky, and circular grids; Excellent quality with superior K-factor and a low B-factor

Kiran Cassettes and Screens

Cassettes with perfect film-screen contact, nitrogen-imploded open cell PU foam system, perfectly curved back door profile and textured surface, made of aviation grade aluminum; Screens are durable with outstanding contrast, detail perception and reduction in X-ray dosage with a low mAs

Kiran Diagnostic Medical Monitor

19-inch display size; 1280×1024 resolution; Easy installation; Brightness stabilization; DICOM compatibility; Compliance to international medical standard; Long lasting continuous working steadily; 4096 gray scale diagnostic medical display; PACS acquisition workstation input port: DVI/ VGA/ VIDEO/ S-VIDEO

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