Alchem Diagnostics

Vayugen DNA Purification Kit

Simple and rapid system for high quality genomic DNA purification

DNA Extraction Kit

Kits for both plasmid and genomic DNA extraction

RNA Extraction Kit

RNA and total RNA extraction; Storage vials are made with hygienic treatment and using quality raw material

MP Biomedicals


Extensive selection of adsorbents for chromatography; Highest grade of standardization; Custom package sizes; Custom made variations

Culture Media & Reagents

Wide range of culture media for bacterial, mammalian, and yeast cells; Encapsulated media

Proteins, Enzymes, and Peptides

Wide range of proteins, peptides, and enzymes for multitude of applications; Highest purity, specificity, validated for functional activity

Spinco Biotech


Radio HPLC detector and TLC; Powerful radiochemical detection in HPLC; USB Interface for control and data collection

Waters India

Acquity UPLC Columns

Sub 2-μm hybrid particle chemistry

HPLC Columns

Wide range of analytical and preparative chromatography columns to meet the needs of virtually every application

Acquity UPLC M-Class Columns

Specifically designed for low dispersion nano LC systems; Can be reliably operated at 15,000 psi, fully leveraging the separation power of sub 2-µm particle technology

Acquity QDa Mass Detector

Intuitive operation; More information from every sample; Effortless integration; Increased efficiency; Resolving complexity

SQ Detector 2

Versatile chromotography compatibility; Walk-up accessibility; Accurate, reliable purification; Ensures the correct result every time

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