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Mispa Clog Plus From Agappe

Agappe is one of the key players in the Indian IVD segment with significant market share. One of the growth drivers for Agappe is introducing innovative, highly affordable, and quality products to the market. We are proud to introduce Mispa Clog Plus – the innovative coagulation analyzer to the Indian coagulation market. Mispa Clog Plus comes up with several unique features, which makes it different from the other similar instruments present in the market.

Smart card technology. Mispa Clog Plus is the only semi-automated coagulation system in this segment with smart card technology. Each reagent kit has its own smart card in which the ISI values and reagent demographics are preloaded. Mispa Clog Plus read the smart card while performing the test and always makes sure that the proper ISI values are used while calculating the INR. This feature of Mispa Clog Plus eliminates the common error in INR calculation using improper ISI values.

Dual wavelength. Mispa Clog Plus is having two different wavelengths to have better sensitivity and accuracy while performing the tests. Tests like PT and APTT is measured in one wavelength and Fibrinogen is measured in a different wavelength to have better accuracy of tests.

QC. Mispa Clog Plus is having QC checking feature which allows the user to perform quality control before doing the test to assure the quality of results.

All in one reagent kits.  The reagent kits are unique where the consumables required for doing the tests (cuvettes and beads) are also included as standard accessory. This gives peace of mind while performing the tests. The kits are designed based on the number of test.

User friendly software. The software is highly user friendly which boots up very fast. The software displays the number of tests remaining and the expiry of the reagent each time a test is performed to have better inventory control.

Printer connectivityMispa Clog Plus can be connected to an external printer using RS232 cable so that the results can be printed and kept for future references.

With one of the biggest IVD reagent manufacturing facility in India, with innovative product like Mispa Clog Plus, highly affordable reagents, one of the best after sales support, Agappe is surely the preferred choice for the customers.

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