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In Vitro Diagnostics 2022

Molecular diagnostics

Alinity M
A fully integrated and automated molecular diagnostics analyzer that uses innovative technology to deliver the next level of flexibility and efficiency to lab.

Integrates advanced automation with precise and proven performance of one of the largest infectious disease menus available on a single platform.

Agappe Diagnostics

Mispa Lume
RT-LAMP based technology; Highly compact system; simultaneously perform 16 samples at faster TAT.

Mispa Magenta
Automated nucleic acid extraction machine; The run is performed in 96 deep well plates using an 8 strip magnetic head; fully walk away system.

Bhat Bio-Tech

20 wells thermal cycler; touch screen; conventional.

Isolation Kits
RNA/DNA isolation.


BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® multiplex PCR system
An FDA, CE-IVD, and TGA certified multiplex PCR system that integrates sample preparation, amplification, detection and analysis. It is simple, easy, fast and comprehensive enabling simultaneous testing for bacteria, viruses, yeast, parasites and/or antimicrobial resistant genes.

BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® respiratory panels
Tests for a comprehensive panel of 20 respiratory viruses and bacteria.

BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® blood culture identification panel
Tests for a comprehensive list of 24 pathogens and 3 antibiotic resistance genes associated with bloodstream infections. With just one test you can identify pathogens in 9 out of 10 positive blood cultures.

BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® gastrointestinal & meningitis encephalitis panel
Tests for 22 common gastrointestinal pathogens including viruses, bacteria and protozoa that cause infectious diarrhea; Tests directly in cerebral spinal fluidfor the 14 most relevant ME-associated pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and a parasite.

BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Pneumonia plus Panel
Tests for 18 bacteria (11 gram negative, 4 gram positive and 3 atypical), 7 antibiotic resistance markers, and 9 viruses that cause pneumonia and other lower respiratory tract infections.


GeneXpert® Infinity Systems
Adjustable touch-screen; expanded conveyor & loading zone; large test accumulator capacity; fast, quiet and robust robotic gantry.

CPC Diagnostics

Automated recording, interpretation using EUROArray tech HLA-B57, HLA-DQ2/8.etc.


Panther system
Testing for SARS-CoV-2 testing based on transcription-mediated amplification.

HiMedia Laboratories

Insta Q96® plus
Real time PCR machine- Open system with 5 and 6-channel options.

Hi-PCR® Covid-Flu Multiplex Probe PCR kit (MBPCR262)
Multiplex probe based PCR assay detects Covid & influenza in one tube.

Hi-PCR® HLA-B27 Probe kit (MBPCR202)
Probe based RT-PCR assay detects HLA-B27 in one tube.

InstaNx® Mag16/Mag 32
Automated DNA/ RNA magnetic bead based extractor that can run from single sample cartridge to 16 samples in a plate and Mag 32 can run from single sample cartridge to 32 samples at one time.

InstaNx® Mag96
Automated DNA/ RNA magnetic bead based extractor for 1-96 samples in one run.


QIAsymphony SP/AS instruments
For fully integrated automation of complete workflows, from sample preparation to assay setup.

Rotor-Gene Q Real time PCR systems
Sets the standard in thermal and optical performance and an unmatched optical range; Provides state-of-the art apps and plug-ins for analyses; Offers rapid access to a multitude of applications using Qiagen’s super-fast QuantiNova® qPCR enzymes.

QIAcube Connect system
Fully automates the lyse, bind, wash and elute steps of over 80 QIAGEN kits for processing DNA, RNA or protein samples, with its 140+ preprogrammed standard protocols. Optional protocol customization expands the use to virtually anyapplication.

Randox Laboratories

Randox Discovery
An exciting and disruptive analyser capable of consolidating molecular and immunoassay testing on one compact benchtop platform.

The Vivalytic platform is a universal, fully automated all in one solution for molecular diagnostics.

Evidence Investigator
No. 1 choice for research, clinical, forensic, molecular, and veterinary with up to 2376 tests per hour.

A benchtop automation for rapid extraction with a high throughput and automatic processing of 96 sample extractions per run.

Roche Diagnostics

MagNA Pure 96 System
Automatically isolate nucleic acids from a wide range of sample types while optimising laboratory productivity and scalability.

cobas® 4800 System
Highly efficient, flexible workflows and a consolidated assay menu deliver confidence with every result. Automated PCR setup and analysis help make the most of your resources and reduce error.

Suyog Diagnostics

ELITe InGenius
Real time PCR analyzer with sample to result solution.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

MagMax Dx pre-filled nucleic acid extraction kit
Designed for scalable, rapid purification of high-quality nucleic acid,  ready-to-go reagents pre-dispensed and sealed in plates exclusively formatted for KingFisher Flex instrument (No extra reagent required)

Transasia Bio-Medicals

Erba MDx COVID-19 RT-PCR kit
It is a next generation, single step, 1-vial lyophilized mastermix, with room temperature transportation and storage; best LoD ever: 5 copies/reaction; no special transportation or storage system required; freeze dried reagents stored at 15°C-25°C; shorter TAT; Highly specific primers and probes genes included; positive controls included in kit.

Trivitron Healthcare

The fully automated nucleic acid extractor completes the nucleic acid extraction workflow for a sample, including lysis, magnetic bead transfer, binding, washing, elution and discarding of magnetic beads.

Magnetic beads mechanism used for a variety of molecular biology and genomic applications.

Compact & fast real time PCR system; MICqPCR uses a patented magnetic induction to process samples, which gives results in less than 30 mins.

RNAsure Pro Auto-96
Intended for automated extraction and purification of viral RNA from nasal/throat swabs collected in Viral Transport Medium (VTM) on major available automated nucleic acid extraction instruments.


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