Molecular Diagnostics Instruments and Reagents

Molecular Diagnostics




Alere Medical

Alere i 

Isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology for qualitative detection of infectious diseases; Small and easy-to-use

Afinion AS100 Analyzer 

Compact, rapid, and multi-assay analyzer; Easy quantitative determinations of HbA1c, lipid panel, ACR, and CRP;  Simple and fast on-the-spot testing

 Beckman Coulter

DxN VERIS System

Simplified and flexible workflow; Single cartridge system

Bhat Bio-tech

Rapid Kits

For HIV, dengue, malaria, HBV, HCV, syphilis, chikungunya, and cardiac markers

Hepa-Scan and Pareekshak Kits

ELISA diagnostic kits for hepatitis and HIV

BD India

BD MAX System

Fully-integrated, automated molecular platform combining  extraction and thermocycling into one system; Flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency to perform IVD and open system assays


Accurate, easy-to-use, and automated molecular system for detection of Vaginitis

BD ProbeTec ET System

Deliver cost effective CT/GC testing with up to 276 CT/GC results/day or 564 CT results/day; Streamlined workflow

BD Viper LT System

Fully automated and integrated molecular testing table-top system with automated sample processing and walk away capability

BD Viper System

Automated platform to efficiently run five STD assays with clinical accuracy and efficiency; XTR technology; Automated sample processing

DK Enzymes & Chemicals



Medsource Ozone Biomedicals


Real time PCR system


Automated nuclic acid extraction system

Suyog Diagnostics


Fully automated PCR work station for extraction, amplification, and results analysis with internal software


NATsure Labsystem RNA extraction kit

Systematic reagents; Reduced costing; Contamination free output with purity; Convenient spin column RT method within 20 min time

NATsure Labsystem DNA extraction kit

Systematic reagents presented; Reduced costing; Contamination free output with purity; Convenient spin column method without phenolchloroform chemicals

AriaMx Realtime PCR System

Chain of custody verification eliminates possibility for sample mix up; Instrument matches the barcode on vial with the label on slide to ensure sample is placed on correct slide; Able to process between 1 and 20 samples per batch allowing flexible walk away automation; Supports processing of multiple slides per vial; Automated vial handling enables operator to simply load and leave

SureCycler QPCR3000 & QPCR 3005P

Can support both current and emerging realtime QPCR applications and chemistries to accommodate research needs; Open platform design supports all fluorescent dyes and chemistries including Brilliant III SYBR and probe kits


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