More Doctors at Hospital Rejuvenate Healthcare

With the state government of Telangana has recruited 26 doctors at Wanaparthy Government hospital, the medical and healthcare services provided to the poor patients coming from various parts of the district has improved drastically. Unlike earlier,  when there used to be either one or two doctors or sometimes no doctors in the Wanaparthy Areas Hospital, now the situation has significantly changed post formation of a new district. “Earlier, we used to go to the government hospital only for minor checkups and for first aid purposes. Now with the State government brought in drastic changes in the healthcare provided all the necessary healthcare equipment, advanced treatment facilities and even the deliveries and surgeries being carried at the district hospital, we can say the healthcare services have improved a lot in just a span of two years. Recently, I visited the hospital for being bitten by a snake and the doctors immediately administered the treatment and saved my life,” said Banavath Bhaskar, of Pangal mandal.

All the positive change is possible only because of recruitment of doctors and continuous supervision of district administration which is in the close proximity. District Collector Swetha Mahanty is very particular with regard to improving healthcare quality in the district. “Healthcare has been our priority right from the beginning. We have faced lot of cases where they were earlier referred to various other hospitals due to lack of facilities in the local areas hospital. One major issue was lack of adequate doctors and we have fulfilled it by filling up 26 doctors and now we are expecting improvement of healthcare services in Wanaparthy. We are planning to address the very root cause of diseases and launched various awareness program right at the school level and creating awareness among the girl children about hygiene and precautionary healthcare measures,” said Swetha Mahanthy during a program recently.

Overall, the recruitment of doctors has had a great positive impact on the quality of services in the district. However, there are still some issues with regard to attendance of doctors and a few doctors who were recruited are yet to report for the duty. “Around 26 doctors have been recruited of them 19 have reported and 3 of them are irregular. So far, only one out of 3 general physicians has reported to work. Of the 3 pediatricians recruited one has been irregular. Of two pulmonologists, one of them has been irregular and a pathologist has also been irregular. ENT surgeons and orthopedic surgeons also did not report,” informed Dr D Suresh hospital superintendent of Wanaparthy district hospital. – The Hans India

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