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Motherhood Hospitals launches Women and Children’s Hospital in Mohali

This marks the fifth hospital, solidifying the brand’s position as the largest healthcare provider in the Tricity region.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by renowned Indian actress Tisca Chopra, along with Vijayarathna Venkatraman, CEO of Motherhood Hospitals, and the team of esteemed doctors.

Motherhood Hospitals is recognized as India’s fastest-growing single specialty hospital, renowned for its highly skilled and experienced specialists dedicated to delivering personalized, patient-centered care.

The newly launched hospital in Mohali offers a comprehensive range of services for women of all ages, newborns, and childcare, all conveniently housed under one roof. In addition, the hospital extends counseling services to address mental health concerns, behavioral issues in children, and other challenges that may arise for women, new mothers, and children.

During the event, Vijayarathna Venkatraman, CEO of Motherhood Hospitals, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The opening of this hospital represents a significant milestone in our mission to provide accessible, high-quality healthcare to the diverse neighborhoods of the Tricity. By prioritizing patient-centered care and incorporating the latest medical advancements, we aim to set new standards in the region while serving as a trusted partner in the healthcare journey of women and children.”

In addition to its comprehensive range of services, the hospital in Mohali offers advanced genetic investigations, enabling the early detection of genetic issues in newborn. This empowers expectant mothers to plan for a baby without concerns about potential risk associated with the genetic condition.

The hospital ensures personalized treatment and round-the-clock availability, guaranteeing patients receive timely and individualized attention whenever required.

The hospital also features a specialized fertility center offering preconception counseling, fertility testing for couples, and therapeutic procedures such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PGT, along with empowering programs for women. Additionally, the hospital has initiated a parent support group and established a one-stop clinic for Down syndrome children.

The primary goal is to prevent complications such as preterm birth, stillbirth, lethal malformations, non-lethal problems, and Down syndrome births. Equipped with state-of-the-art ultrasound, 2D and 3D imaging, and CTG machines for monitoring fetal health, the hospital also provides fetal procedures including amniocentesis, chorionic villous sampling, fetal reductions, and other interventions.

The hospital’s dedicated team of obstetricians, pediatricians, and fetal medicine and genetics specialists collaboratively ensure optimal care for both mother and baby. Ongoing surveillance throughout pregnancy helps detect any potential issues, ensuring the best possible outcomes for both parties.

Promoting natural birthing, the hospital encourages proper planning through preconception counseling, lifestyle guidance, and timely scans, complemented by the availability of birthing balls and birthing ropes in the aesthetically designed labor room. By providing a stress-free and pain-free environment, the hospital aims to enhance the birthing experience for mothers.

Dr Poonam Kumar, Senior Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Fetal medicine, Motherhood Hospital, Mohali, ‘’The alarming surge in caesarean section rates can be attributed to the evolving lifestyle trends and the prevalent fear of labor pain. As a result, 30-40% of women face heightened risks during pregnancy, primarily due to lifestyle-related changes and the associated challenge of obesity. Our mission is to provide comprehensive care and support to these women, ensuring their safety and well-being throughout their pregnancy journey.’’

‘’The hospital stands out for its exceptional and comprehensive healthcare services, catering to the diverse needs of all age groups. For expectant mothers, we have a specially designed program of counselling sessions by physiotherapist, dietitian, psychologist, and birth attendants. These sessions educate the couple on what to expect during pregnancy and childbirth so that they are prepared, both physically as well as mentally, to handle the whole process. We are proud to have an expert team of specialists who possess extensive knowledge and experience in diagnosing and treating genetic disorders and other pregnancy related complications. Promoting normal and painless delivery is a core principle of our hospital. To achieve this, for the first time in this region, we have implemented the concept of Positive Birthing Experience as recommended by the World Health Organization. Our specially trained staff continuously supports and encourages the woman during birthing process. This minimizes the requirement of interventions and results in higher chances of normal delivery with the least chances of complications. We have fully equipped Medical ICU and Newborn ICU in case of unexpected complications requiring special care for mother or baby.”, said Dr Poonam.

Dr Neeraj Kumar, HOD, Pediatrics, Motherhood Hospitals, Chandigarh said, “Almost 20-30 % of pregnancies have one or more high risk factors. More than 10% of deliveries are premature babies have chances of disabilities related to neurological, vision, hearing etc. Incidence of prematurity is increasing because of increasing IVF pregnancies in which the chance of prematurity is almost double as compared to normal pregnancies. 2.7% of deliveries in Mohali are at home. Home deliveries, which have higher chances of maternal and newborn complications. Punjab Govt has set a target of 100% institutional deliveries under “Tandarust Punjab Mission Program”. More than 75% of deliveries are taking place in govt hospitals which are overloaded with more than double their capacity. According to the latest NHMS -5 data shows that only 60% of pregnant women in Punjab get recommended ANC checkup.

He also added, “Motherhood Hospitals and Chaitanya Hospital have come together to establish the largest network of hospitals in this region for Women and Child Healthcare. Motherhood Hospital, Mohali is the fourth centre. It will provide comprehensive and high-end facilities related to pregnancy, Gynecology, Newborn ICU and Pediatrics.”

The primary objective is to prevent complications such as preterm birth, stillbirth, and lethal malformations in babies. To achieve this, the hospital provides continuous surveillance throughout pregnancy to monitor any potential issues, ensuring the best possible outcomes for both mother and baby. NewZNew

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