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MP to set up two civil hospitals at Maheshwar

Mandleshwar’s Maheshwar is set to bolster its healthcare infrastructure with the establishment of two civil hospitals, marking a transformative step in local medical services. Currently serviced by a 30-bed community health centre, the city will see this facility upgraded to a full-fledged civil hospital by integrating additional infrastructure.

Dr Kiran Verma, the in-charge of the community health centre, confirmed that construction is underway for another 30-bed hospital building within the existing premises. This expansion is slated for completion by early 2025, promising enhanced medical care capabilities. Presently, the health centre struggles during emergencies due to limited staff, including four general physicians, one dentist and support personnel like nurses, ward boys, aayas and lab technicians.

The upgraded civil hospital will address these shortcomings by deploying specialist doctors across various departments such as surgery, gynaecology, paediatrics and ophthalmology. This move aims to ensure comprehensive medical care around the clock, providing relief to patients who often face inadequate facilities during critical times.

Additionally, Maheshwar is witnessing the construction of a 50-bed AYUSH hospital in Sonia Nagar on Kasrawad Road, at an estimated cost of Rs 9 crore. This facility will offer treatment based on Ayurvedic, Unani and Homeopathic medical traditions, alongside allopathic services available in the civil hospital. Plans include a medicinal garden within the AYUSH hospital premises and enriching treatment options with medicinal plants.

Once completed, Mandleshwar will likely be one of the few cities after the district headquarters to host both allopathic and AYUSH medical facilities, underscoring its commitment to holistic healthcare. These developments are poised to elevate Maheshwar’s status as a regional healthcare hub, attracting patients seeking integrated medical solutions.

As construction progresses on both fronts, local authorities express optimism about meeting healthcare demands effectively. The dual expansion reflects a proactive approach to public health, aligning with broader efforts to enhance medical infrastructure across Madhya Pradesh. Free Press Journal

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