MRI Equipment




Blue Star Engineering & Electronics

Hitachi Echelon Smart

1.5 T superconducting MRI model; Faster operation and clearer imaging

BPL Medical Technologies

Penlon Prima 451

Approved for use with 1.5 and 3 tesla scanners, up to 1000 gauss line

Cura Healthcare

Philips 3.0T MRI

Advanced High Field 3.0T Achieva MR with Powerful gradients; Ultra Fast sequences; Multi-array coil technology and User friendly console with RF Cage

Philips 1.5T MRI

Advanced 1.5T Intera Achieva / Achieva MR with Powerful gradient; Fast sequences; Multi-array coil technology and User Friendly Console with RF Cage

DSS Imagetech

BioSpect 3T; Icon 1T

Icon 3T is bench-top permanent magnet animal MRI

Philips Healthcare 


First ever digital broadband system; Delivering premium image quality; Available in 1.5 T and 3 T


Upto 40 percent reduction in patient/coil setup time; Available in 1.5 T


Multi-transmit parallel RF transmission technology; Reduces dielectric shading to provide optimum image uniformity; Consistency and faster scanning

Suresh Enterprise

Silicone Tube & Profile

Sevitsil’s Platinum cured silicone products are manufactured in clean room and complies to EP3.1.9 USP class VI


GE Healthcare, Siemens, Hitachi, Canon, Toshiba, Erbis Engineering, Hitachi Medical, Komega Impex

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