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National Health Mission Lauds Telangana for Healthcare

The National Health Mission (NHM) has praised Telangana for its unique healthcare initiatives and has categorised it as a high performing state for efficient implementation of medical services in state-run health institutions. In the Common Review Mission (CRM) report, an independent survey conducted by NHM in Telangana and released in June, the NHM commended the State’s efforts in upgrading infrastructure in district hospitals, primary healthcare services and above all for improving mother and childcare services in the state. In fact, the NHM survey report said the State had achieved all the targets set under NHM for maternal mortality rate and Total Fertility Rate (TFR). The NHM had conducted an independent survey of various health initiatives in Telangana, including quality of healthcare services at Primary Health Centers (PHC) and healthcare services related to maternal, newborn and adolescent in November 2017.

Strengthening infrastructure

In its report, NHM said Telangana had made good progress in strengthening infrastructure and other aspects in district hospitals. As a result, there is an increase in patient inflow in outpatient, inpatient, delivery care, C-section and surgeries in almost all the district hospitals. The state government has ensured that pregnant women and mothers from BPL and weaker sections received their entitlements under Janani Suraksha Yojana and KCR Kits and also ensured that funds are transferred directly to the accounts of beneficiaries, it said. In the maternal, infant and adolescent healthcare services, the CRM report said that all the maternal health indicators in Telangana were better placed than the national average and the performance over the last three years had improved.

Achievement of targets

The report praised the state for achieving all the targets that were set under the NHM for maternal mortality ratio and fertility rate. The state government has initiated free diagnostic services in all public health facilities in all 31 districts under the NHM. The schedules in intensive care units meant for infants, identification of high risk pregnancies are also being followed at all levels, the CRM report said. The emergency transport facilities that were introduced in the last few years also came in for praise in the CRM report. “Good emergency referral transport facilities like 102 Ammavodi scheme for pregnant women, 108 emergency service, bike ambulance services and hearse vans are available day and night,” it said. – Telangana Today

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