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NCAS Team Inspects Kamlapati Memorial Hospital

Kanpur: A two-member team of National Quality Assurance Standard (NCAS) inspected Kamlapati Memorial Hospital (KPM) on Monday to assess the facilities and behaviour of the staff. It will hand over its report to the government.
The two-member team, consisting of Dr Tella Rajpal and Dr Ravi Shankar of Andhra Pradesh reached the hospital on Monday morning and inspected the hospital building, pathology, facilities being provided to patients and behaviour of the staff with patients. The team first inspected the outdoor patient department (OPD).

The two doctors of the team checked the patients’ ticket papers, met the doctors and thereafter minutely observed the hospital’s pharmacy, OPD, labour room, pathology, implementation of the National Health Scheme and the general administration. They also sought feedback from district quality advisor Dr Arif Beg and hospital superintendent Dr Jyoti Saxena and asked them about the facilities being provided by the hospital.

The team will inspect the records of the hospital on Tuesday. The District Quality Assurance Standard team consisting of Dr Khushboo Chaturvedi, KPM quality manager, Neha, quality manager of Kashiram Hospital Dr Surendra were present during the inspection.

Dr Surendra and Dr Priyanka told the team members that health centres were being certified to maintain the quality of the health services. In order to qualify, each department of the hospital must achieve 70 per cent marks and improve their working on eight points.

The eight points are services available in a hospital, rights of the patient, availability of ward and apparatus, maintenance of apparatus and machines, quality of treatment to patients, infection control, quality management and assessment of monthly achievements.-Times Of India