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BPL Medical Technologies
BreatheEzee N3
It can be used for adults and kids for an easy and comfortable experience. A nebulization rate of 0.25ml/min to 0.5ml/min and a particle size of 3.15 µm. Produces noise less than 55DB (A).

BreatheEzee N8
Ensures powerful nebulization combined with a SHORT, efficient inhalation time & delivery minimal noise operation.

BreatheEzee N10/20
BPL N10/20 is a 4th Generation vibrating mesh nebulizer, ensures powerful nebulization with high output of fine particles on the go.

Medsource Ozone

Ozocheck Premia
High quality nebulizer with adult and child masks and inbuilt compartment for accessories.

Peerless Biotech

NEB-01–Compressor nebulizer
Copper winded motor for long life. Non-breakable 3-IN-1 mask (child mask, adult mask & mouth piece).

NEB-03–Compressor nebulizer
Copper winded motor for long life. Low noise level below 60 dBA.

Poly Medicure

Polymed nebulizer machine
For effective medication delivery; Complete kit with adult and child mask.

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