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MedTech 2022

Neonatal and infant care equipment

Fetal monitor for single fetus care of the next generation with enhanced & accurate cardiotocograph algorithms.

Fetal monitor with twin FHR traces and auto CTG display; 7-inch wide touchscreen; Built-in memory up to 72 hours.

BPL Medical Technologies

Leoni Plus
Suitable for long term ventilation of small premature babies and infants, neonates and children weighing up to 30 kg.

Infa Warmer
Far infra-red heater operating in two modes-manual and servo. Canopy rotation-240° horizontally and ±30° tilt. A removable baby guard that can easily be wiped clean.

Dual Incu i/Incu i
Combined benefits of an incubator and a warmer with one button switch option. Rotary dampers that aid silent operation of the admittance panel with air curtains.

Floret 100/1000 series
Mode of operation: Servo and manual thermistor temperature sensor.

NeoSign N8
8-inch high resolution display-touchscreen.

Draeger India Private Limited

Baby Leo
The Babyleo® TN500 is Dräger’s first IncuWarmer that provides optimal thermoregulation for neonates in open care, closed care and transition. With the combination of three heat sources, this device protects your little patients so they can grow while making your workflow easier with quick and comfortable access to the baby.

JM 105
Streamlines jaundice screening practices by providing reliable TcB measurements in a timely manner.

EMCO Meditek

EMCO Oxi-sat 2060
It has a special neonate mode for measurement of SpO2 and heart rate and extensively used in neonatal ICUs.

EMCO Infusor 960
Syringe infusion pump accepts syringe of 5 ml which is important for NICU thus saving drug use and minimizing drug wastage.

GE Healthcare

Panda warmer
Combines thermal advantages with innovative features to deliver state-of-the-art thermoregulation while promoting family-centered care; it is available in three designs i.e. bedded, freestanding and wall mount to meet the specific needs of care area.

Lullaby warmer
Provides a stable, thermoregulated environment that enables fast, easy access to the baby; it helps clinicians meet the requirements of different care areas, from newborns in labor & delivery to at-risk infants in the NICU.

SLE 1000
Infant ventilator with adaptive nasal CPAP therapy system.

Nice Neotech Medical

nice 4050
Fiber Optic Neonatal Transilluminator (FONT): Artery finder.

Trivitron Healthcare

High-end robotic platform to facilitate automatic processing of NBS assays; High-throughput system with a maximum capacity of 25 plates.

Photometry NBS Kits
Photometry kits for newborn screening for various inborn errors of metabolism.

Fluorometry NBS Kits
Long shelf life and certified quality kits; Compatible with both modular and automated systems.

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