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NeuroMetrix launches peripheral neuropathy test

NeuroMetrix announced today that it commercially launched its DPNCheck 2.0 point-of-care device.

Woburn, Massachusetts–based NeuroMetrix designed DPNCheck 2.0 to use nerve conduction technology to detect peripheral neuropathy.

DPNCheck 2.0 provides rapid patient screening with quantitative measurement of peripheral nerve function. It features an easy-to-use touchscreen, step-by-step onboarding instructions and improved temperature compensation. Additionally, it offers real-time nerve response display and other enhancements, with companion software for facilitating clinical documentation of test results.

The company plans to add cloud-based aggregation of population-health data and integration with provider EHR systems this year.

NeuroMetrix said that its nerve conduction technology allows for the potential uncovering of an elevated risk for complications from peripheral neuropathy. It said it aims to catch such complications earlier and more accurately than traditional clinical approaches. These traditional approaches include the monofilament and tuning fork tests.

“For more than a decade, our first-generation DPNCheck device has been used and trusted by thousands of providers to assess over 2 million patients,” said Dr Shai N. Gozani, CEO, NeuroMetrix. “We are excited to launch our newest version to even better address the needs of our clinical partners. We’ve opened the door to more widespread screening with a user-friendly design that makes it faster and easier for care organizations to roll out and train their point-of-care staff and deploy testing.” MassDevice

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