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Neuromodulation devices market to surpass USD 10B in 2024

Revenue for the neuromodulation devices market is forecast to surpass US$10 billion in 2024, with strong revenue growth through to 2034.

The demand for deep brain stimulation (DBS) in neuromodulation has experienced a notable surge, driven by factors such as expanded applications, technological advancements, positive clinical outcomes, progress in neurological research, and increased awareness among patients and healthcare providers.

This surge reflects the growing acceptance of DBS as an effective therapeutic intervention for various neurological disorders. Ongoing developments in the field of neuromodulation continue to contribute to the increased demand for DBS, showcasing its potential to address diverse medical conditions and improve patient outcomes.

Complications associated with usage of neuromodulation devices
The use of neuromodulation devices, while offering therapeutic benefits, is not without potential complications. Complications associated with these devices can include infection at the implantation site, hardware malfunctions, lead migration or breakage, and adverse reactions to electrical stimulation. Additionally, patients may experience side effects such as tingling, pain, or muscle contractions.

Proper patient selection, precise surgical placement, and ongoing monitoring are crucial to minimizing risks. Despite the efficacy of neuromodulation, the potential for complications underscores the importance of careful patient evaluation, thorough preoperative planning, and vigilant postoperative management to ensure the safe and effective use of these devices in managing various neurological conditions. Research and Markets

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