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New Block for Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital

The Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital (MCH) will soon have a four-storied multi-speciality block that will house a surgery-neurosurgery ICU, a multi-disciplinary ICU, a cardiac ICU, cardiothoracic surgery ICU, a mortuary with modern facilities and others. The new block will also have a geriatric wing and 100 ICU beds with ventilator facilities. The hospital authorities said the multi-speciality block will be commissioned only after the mandatory trial run. “The multi-specialty block is part of a slew of initiatives planned by the Health Department for making the Thiruvananthapuram MCH a center of excellence. It is expected to provide quality treatment than any other private hospital in the state,” said Health Minister K K Shylaja. Adding that redeployment of medical staff will be carried out for the smooth functioning of ICUs, the Minister said new appointments will also be made, if necessary.

“Though 100 ICU beds with ventilator facilities are being set up at the block, only 60 beds will be made operational in the initial phase. In addition to that, steps have also been taken to start a PG course in the Geriatric Department and to set up a new emergency department and trauma care facility,” adds Shailaja. The multi-storey building that will have a parking area, an electrical station, pumping room, maintenance room, dining room for bystanders. It will also have a mortuary with a freezer facility to store 48 bodies at a time. The mortuary will have facilities to carry out three postmortems simultaneously besides an inquest room and a classroom. “This is for the first time that a medical college is getting a geriatric wing. The wing that will become functional at Thiruvananthapuram MCH will have two wards of 16 beds each. While the first storey houses the surgery/neurosurgery ICU with 18 beds each, the second storey has the 32-bed multidisciplinary ICU of the anesthesia department,” reads a statement from the Health Department. – New Indian Express

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