Nihon Kohden’s CPR-1100 improves the quality of resuscitation

Proper depth of chest compressions during CPR creates adequate blood flow and oxygen delivery to the heart and brain. Proper rate of chest compressions during CPR is an important determinant of return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) and survival with good neurologic function. Nihon Kohden’s CPR-1100 CPR assist contributes to improved quality of resuscitation by analyzing the compressions and providing precise feedback about the CPR quality.

CPR assist shows the depth and tempo of chest compressions with the help of LED and audio. This real-time feedback helps to adjust compressions to perform higher quality CPR. It also supports easier CPR training. CPR assist can communicate with a PC by bluetooth connection. For training, the real-time CPR waveform and measurement value can be shown on a PC. This software scores the quality of CPR to assist in making helpful evaluations for the user’s future CPR.

Rescue data is stored in the CPR assist during CPR and the rescue data can be reviewed on a PC. CPR assist can also communicate with a Nihon Kohden defibrillator by bluetooth connection. The real-time CPR waveform and measurement values can be shown with other parameters such as ECG, SpO2, CO2, and NIBP on the defibrillator screen.

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