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Nine-bed ICU inaugurated at Ganga Memorial Hospital Jamshedpur

A nine-bed ICU was inaugurated at Ganga Memorial Hospital on Dimna Road in Mango on Saturday was jointly inaugurated by Principal of MGM Medical College Dr KN Singh, former President of Jamshedpur chapter of IMA, dr Umesh Khan and Dr GC Majhi. The nine-bed ICU is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Director of Ganga Memorial Hospital, Dr N Singh said, “This new nine-de ICU was launched in view of the fact that due to paucity of ICU beds, several patients had to be sent to other hospitals for treatment. But now, with enhanced facilities here treatment of serious patients will be a reality.”

Dr N Singh further stated, “Most patients coming to Ganga Memorial Hospital are poor and hence cannot afford treatment in bigger hospitals. This factor too was considered and so the ICU facilities were expanded here. Patients admitted in this Hospital will not have to make advance deposits. This rule will be in force for one year. Moreover, charges under Ayushman which is Rs 4,500 rupees per day will be applicable also tom other patients. Our priority will be to cure the patients admitted in the ICU.”

Four doctors Dr Madhav Mishra, dr Aditi, Dr Dev Kumar and Dr Surendra Kumar will be on ICU duty round-the-clock. Anesthetist Dr Rudh Pratap and Dr Sanjeev Kumar will also be present at the hospital.

Among other doctors present during the inauguration of the Nine Bedded ICU facility were Dr KN Singh, Dr GC Majhi, Dr Umesh Khan, Dr Ashok Kumar, Dr Ram Kumar, Dr HS Paul and Dr Dilip. The Avenue Mail

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