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Niti Aayog Proposes Hospitals Under PPP

To make it easy for beneficiaries of the Ayushman Bharath scheme, Niti Aayog has proposed setting up of hospitals at district headquarters across the state under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. In this regard Niti Aayog has asked for opinions from the state governments, and is also organizing a meeting soon with the principal secretaries of the Health and Family Welfare departments of all states at New Delhi. According to the information available from the state department of Health and Family Welfare, Niti Aayog has proposed setting up hospitals in the districts where there are no multi-specialty hospitals run by private people. The idea is to setup hospitals in private partnership so that the beneficiaries of the Ayushman Bharath health scheme will be linked to these hospitals. Finalization of people for implementing this PPP module will be through a tender.

“We do not have the full details about this proposed scheme. But as per our information, this will be on 60:40 basis where 60 percent of the investment will be from the public and 40 percent from the private. This is not yet finalized, but this is what we are told in the official communication received from Niti Aayog,” said a senior official from the state department of health and family welfare. “Considering the fact that several district headquarters across the nation do not have private hospital with all facilities available, Niti Aayog has decided to roll out a scheme in association with private entities,” said a member of Niti Aayog. In 2018, the Union government launched a health scheme targeting 10 crore families from underprivileged families. Under this scheme, poor people in the country are eligible for cashless treatment worth Rs 5 lakh in all government hospitals, and a few selected private hospitals. Moreover, the scheme also aims to cater to 150,000 new health and wellness centers which will provide free health treatment and low-cost medicines for the poor. – New Indian Express

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