Notice To Annual General Meeting In Hansa Biopharma AB

To have the right to participate in the Annual General Meeting, the shareholder must be included in the shareholders’ register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB as of 16 May 2019 and notify the company of his or her participation at the Annual General Meeting no later than 16 May 2019. Notice to participate shall be given in writing to Hansa Biopharma AB (publ),

Box 785, 220 07 Lund or by e-mail to The notification shall state the shareholder’s name, personal identity number or registration number, daytime telephone number and, where applicable, the number of advisors (maximum two).

A shareholder, whose shares have been registered in the name of a bank or other trust department or with a private securities broker, must temporarily re-register his or her shares in his or her own name with Euroclear Sweden AB to be entitled to participate in the Annual General Meeting. Such re-registration must have been completed no later than 16 May 2019 and should be requested with the nominee well in advance.

Shareholders who intend to be represented by proxy shall issue dated and signed power of attorney for the proxy. The proxy is valid for one year from the issuance, or the longer period of validity stated in the proxy, however not more than five years from the issuance. If the proxy is issued by a legal entity, attested copies of the certificate of registration or equivalent authorisation documents evidencing the authority to issue the proxy shall be included with the notification. The power of attorney shall confirm the right of the signee to appoint a representative for the legal entity. To facilitate the registration at the Annual General Meeting, the proxy form as well as registration certificate and other authorisation documents shall be available to the company on the address presented above no later than 16 May 2019. If the proxy form and other authorisation documents have not been submitted in advance, the power of attorney in original and other authorisation documents must be able to be presented at the Annual General Meeting. Proxy forms are available at the company, on the company’s webpage,, and will be sent upon request to any shareholder who states their postal address. – PR Newswire

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