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Numen Health announces partnership with Aster Hospitals

Digital-first heart care platform Numen Health announced its partnership with Aster Hospitals to provide preventive and rehabilitative medical attention to patients with heart problems from the comfort of their homes.

As part of this collaboration, the Numen Health platform will aid Aster Hospitals’ cardiologists in remotely monitoring the health data of their patients diagnosed with heart failure. Doctors will have access to a complete overview of the patient’s health status and medical history, which will help them take a much more informed decision.

The Numen Health program is created to expedite patient recovery and assist users in resuming their regular routines more quickly. Additionally, the program includes an online concierge that sends out prompts regarding medication, exercise, and other recovery-related aspects.

On the occasion of this collaboration, Dr Sunil Roy, Interventional Cardiologist at Aster Hospitals, said, “People often associate heart failure with extreme and fatal outcomes, when indeed, it is merely a ‘weak heart’ condition that is extremely manageable with the right knowledge and lifestyle. Timely, consistent, and accurate medical support and care can help patients avoid further deterioration that could lead to chronic and severe conditions over time.”

“The Digital heart healthcare platform provided by Numen Health allows people to access the support they need to live normal, healthy lives. In some cases, patients may experience improved quality of life with increased activity levels within weeks,” he added.

Pallav Singh, the CEO and Co-founder of Numen Health, stated, “In this collaboration, we are working with Aster Hospitals to deliver an all-encompassing and innovative cardiac care program, facilitating patients to seamlessly transition from the hospital to their homes with speed, security, and efficiency.”

Adding further, he said, “Our approach is rooted in cutting-edge technology, underpinned by research-based evidence, allowing for constant patient monitoring right from the comfort of their own homes. This proactive monitoring significantly reduces the need for emergency interventions and alleviates the strain on the healthcare system.”

Over 33 per cent of the Indian adult (ages 18-69 years) population and 300+ million people globally are at significant risk of cardiovascular diseases. Currently, there are only 6000 cardiologists actively practising in India, and many patients still lack knowledge about their illnesses. In addition, there is an insufficient amount of cardiac rehab slots available, with over 33 Lakh more needed annually, and this initiative aims to bridge this gap. Business Today

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