Olympus Launches ESG-150 Electrosurgery Generator At Digestive Disease Week 2019

Olympus, a global technology leader in designing and delivering innovative solutions for medical and surgical procedures, among other core businesses, is announcing at Digestive Disease Week 2019 the launch and 510(k) clearance of the ESG-150 Electrosurgery Generator (ESG-150). Electrosurgical generators supply the high frequency electrical current that powers many endoscopic devices. The new ESG-150 possesses features that enhance both patient safety and ease of use, the pillars on which the ESG-150 has been designed.

The ESG-150 electrosurgery generator offers constant voltage regulation that automatically delivers the lowest effective adjusted power output, allowing physicians to achieve successful results in standard GI and Pulmonary endoscopic procedures. The ESG-150 system’s intuitive design simplifies use and setup, providing user optimization and overall procedural efficiency. Key benefits include:

  • The ESG-150 produces a variety of waveforms to accommodate monopolar and bipolar devices.
  • The large, easy-to-read graphical interface provides increased setting visibility.
  • An intuitive touch screen allows for easy set up of physician-specific custom settings, as well as the ability to make adjustments for a more effective procedure.
  • Precise and easy-to-read error messages simplify error handling, complementing proven safety features: Fast Spark Monitor, High Power Cut Support, and Contact Quality Monitor.
  • The ESG-150 foot switch offers automatic foot switch assignment to the generator.
  • Olympus offers a variety of neutral electrodes including a variety of sizes and designs, a skin-friendly surface, and split-design with hydrogel, which minimize the risk of pad site burns.

“Our complete range of solutions for the GI and Pulmonary segments strengthens our position as a full-service provider and gives our customers room to focus increasingly on therapeutic procedures enabled by energy-driven technology,” said Kurt Heine, Group Vice President, Olympus Corporation of the Americas. “We are pleased to complete our family of generator offerings. In partnership with our customers, we continue to drive increased quality of care, cost reductions and patient satisfaction.” – PR Newswire

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