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OPD expenses in India account for 62% of healthcare costs

In 2024, medical inflation is rising at an alarming rate and medical expenses can seriously burn a hole in your pocket. OPD expenses in India account for around 62% of healthcare costs and this kind of out-of-pocket expense can impact your monthly budget. This is why OPD cover in Health Insurance is not an add-on but a necessity so that you and your family are covered and protected from extra expenses whenever you are visiting a clinic or hospital. Let us now see why the best Health Insurance Policy in India will provide you with OPD coverage and what are the benefits of going for these types of plans.

Understanding OPD cover
OPD cover can be simply defined as insurance that provides you financial protection from medical expenses incurred during hospital visits where the insured person is not required to stay in the hospital. These expenses may include doctor visits or consultations, pharmacy bills, and diagnostic tests.

OPD cover in Health Insurance is crucial as these seemingly small healthcare expenditures when clubbed together can cause some serious financial damage to your savings. Therefore, you must select the best Health Insurance Policy in India that also provides reimbursement coverage for OPD expenses.

OPD health insurance plans- What is covered?
OPD expenses that are typically covered in a health insurance plan can include:

  • Doctor Consultations: The consultation fee that is charged by GPs (general practitioners or even specialist doctors including their follow-up charges is covered.
  • Cost for Medication/Pharmacy Expenses: Generally, the cost of prescribed medicines (short-term as well as long-term for chronic conditions) is also covered.
  • Diagnostic Tests: Tests including MRI scans, X-rays, CT scans, and other medical screening procedures that play an important role in diagnosing various medical conditions are also covered.
  • Physiotherapy: Certain Health Insurance plans covering OPD expenses also cover expenses for physiotherapy sessions. This may prove beneficial for people who are recovering from injuries or those with chronic pain conditions.Benefits of OPD Cover in Health Insurance

No doubt selecting a Health Insurance Plan that covers your OPD expenses is one the wisest decisions you can make. However, there are also other benefits to making this decision. These include:

  • OPD coverage, specifically for those who suffer from chronic illness or health conditions is extremely beneficial as it saves you from digging into your savings to cover frequent medical consultations, medicines, and tests.
  • The OPD cover is also available in a floater policy to all the insured members.
  • Senior citizens who require frequent visits to the hospitals can benefit from the policy as their consultations, ailment diagnosis, medical check-ups, and even small surgical procedures are covered under OPD cover.
  • ACKO brings to you the best Health Insurance Plans in India that are easily available online which means you get a paperless, quick, and hassle-free process, with just a click of your finger.

Best health insurance plans by ACKO with OPD coverage
Critical Illness Health Insurance: Provides comprehensive coverage for a broader range of medical expenses like hospitalisation, doctor visits, medicines, etc.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance: Apart from covering cover various medical expenses, including hospitalisation, doctor’s fees, and medicine costs, some of these offer free or discounted regular health check-ups, helping seniors to monitor their health proactively.

Family Floater Health Insurance: Tailored to provide health coverage that extends to multiple members of a family, this plan usually includes a provision for annual health check-ups for each covered family member. The plan also provides AYUSH treatment coverage, day-care treatment coverage, as well as pre and post-hospitalization coverage that includes consultations and tests for recovery and follow-up care.

OPD coverage is a crucial aspect to consider when selecting a Health Insurance plan for yourself or your loved ones. It can prove to be an invaluable tool to manage healthcare expenses as it offers protection for a wide range of medical expenses incurred outside of hospitalisation.

ACKO with its range of Health Insurance Plans can help you find the best policy for yourself and your family. DeshGujarat

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