OT Tables




Accura HealthCare


Operation theatre table – Multi functional


Operation theatre table – Low height – for neuro surgeries


Operation theatre table – Motorized


Operation theatre table – Head-end control



Mechanical operation table, can support multitude of body positions procedures


Comprehensive operation equipment, driven by electro-hydraulic pressure and change the patient position easily


Comprehensive operation table, two control system by wired remote controller and override control panel, more safety

Magnatek Enterprises

Multi Procedure OT Tables

Magnum Multistar- 3S/4S : Multi-procedure C-arm compatibility tables with Table-Top Slide, Low Height with remote control, Zero Auto Level and dual control on table

Orthopeadic OT Table

Olympian 2000 : Very sturdy table for orthopedic and neuro surgery with special 4 pillar design for wobble free procedure and entire central area is free for doing C-arm imaging; Excellent Hip Lateral View in one single shot

Laparoscopy OT Table

Laparostar 3S: Table for laparoscopy surgery/general surgery with low height,  table-top slide with remote control, zero auto level

Neuro Surgery OT Table

Neurostar 4S: Specialized C-arm tables for neurosurgery with low height,  table-top slide with remote control, zero auto level

Urology OT Table

Urostar 4S: Specialized table for urology with excellent PCNL Views, very large central imaging area and easy RIRS/uretroscopy; Automatic table-top slide and low height

Cardiothoric OT Table

Cardiomatic 3S / 4S: Remote controlled C-arm table for cardiothoracic surgery with wide side arm attachment, low height and table-top slide

Pediatric OT Table

Babystar 3S: Table for neonatal and pediatric surgery with special feature of being converted from small to full size adult table

Imaging Tables

Olympian 9000: Carbon Fiber, 4-way floating table for fluoroscopy/ imaging /angiography/ ERCP/ vascular table

Bariatric OT Tables (Rated Amongst the Top 10 Bariatric Equipment manufacturers across the globe.)

Obesomatic: Bariatric surgery table with  low height, very steep head up tilt and high load bearing capacity

IVF/Delivery Tables

Customized tables for high comfort

Imported OT Tables

Eiffel 8000: Electro-hydraulic multi-procedure tables

Eiffel 8400: Neurosurgery table with special low height of 500mm


HyBase 8300/8500

Electro-hydraulic table with built-in module recognition system; Carbon fiber table top; SFC memory foam; Extreme weight capacity of 460Kg

HyBase 6100

Decompression mattress for the comfort of patients; Electric brake system for optimum stability; High level weight capacity; Internal battery maintaining power supply

HyBase 3000

Decompression mattress with antistatic, waterproof, and seamless design; Weight capacity of 185 Kg; Return to original position with one button; Radiolucent table plate for free C-arm access

UniBase 30

Longitudinal shift (optional) with 300mm; Detachable and split leg plate for lithotomy position; Adjustment body elevator; Weight capacity of 185 Kg

Oricare Inc


Comprehensive operation table, two control system by wired remote controller and override control panel, more safety. Have both CE and FDA certificate


OM Delta Plus

OT table with manual override facility

Schaerer Medical

AXIS 400-800

5 model variants in the basic position and 4 model variants in the reverse position are available

Stryker India

Operon D Series OR Tables

Versatile, intuitive, and safe define our Operon series of operating tables; An operating table column can cater to all the surgical specialties due to the modular nature of the attachments; Inbuilt kidney elevator, self levelling locks, manual override based on hydraulic system, individual electric leg plate control, wide range of accessories, and a self diagnostic port offer industry make Operon your partner in OR

Trivitron Healthcare

iSupport Series

The electro-mechanical driving mechanism assures smooth and quiet movements of the table top operating positions including height adjustment, trendelenberg, reverse trendelenberg, lateral tilt, and back section can be controlled quickly and accurately with the help of lightweight hand control unit

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