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Our already advanced facilities are in the position of evolution

Amidst COVID-19 pandemic the healthcare systems have gone through the most challenging times. The healthcare industry had to drive overnight changes in its system and practices and accommodating patients with critical vitals was the need of the hour.

The tireless effort of the government and private healthcare have played pivotal roles in controlling the infection rates and improved recovery rates. This duration also witnessed the applaud for healthcare workers and police personnel for their efforts and sacrifice to serve the masses and help keep the infection rates in check. Having seen various phases of lockdown, unlock, rapid development of vaccine the effect of the infection maybe left to a bare minimum but that should not stop us from maintaining caution, wearing masks and maintaining hygiene and regular sanitization.

Our hospitals are ensuring all safety and preventive measure to ensure safe visit for every patient. It is also worthwhile to note that our organization went above-and-beyond its hospital operations and facilitated the donation of ventilators to the center and state’s health departments during COVID-19.

While availability of ventilators had become a challenge in the initial times of the pandemic due to high number of people requiring critical care, these efforts enabled the government healthcare facilities save lives of underprivileged and people who could otherwise not afford private hospitals.

In an effort to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible, it also launched various initiatives like video consultation and expert cancer opinion through the times of pandemic ensuring access to quality healthcare to masses.

The hospital also introduced Video Consultation Program, which slated for launch in the end of 2020, was expedited and rolled out in April 2020 to keep existing patients connected when most state borders were sealed to contain the infection and cater to such patients who could not move out of their homes and consult doctors for day to day or critical diseases.

Patients are now coming back to the hospital, thereby improving footfall to various ancillary services like OPD pharmacy, physiotherapy, and audiology.

Along with the regular visits of patients, elective surgeries like joint replacement, heart surgeries, that were previously being postponed for the fear of infection will pick up now. Delay in treatment only worsened the diseases but also spread risk to other regions and organs in the body. Now as things are getting back on track with time, many patients are also becoming more aware about their needs than before.

After this pandemic the majority of the world population has realized the value of wellbeing along with early detection of the diseases in order to reduce upcoming health risk. Earlier, advanced treatment for chronic diseases were done after huge discussions, and preventive health check-ups which had taken a backseat will start picking up again. Ultimately these preventive checkups will help people screen and detect problems at early stage when the diseases are most curable.

We are also working on the evolution of digital engagement programs for hospital, home sample collections, home care services. Though we have been living in a digital era, telemedicine was largely ignored. However with the travel restrictions imposed during the lockdown hospitals had to make their services accessible at homes thus providing a huge push for Video Consultation Program which also supported home samples collection and medicine delivery at homes though prescriptions generated in these consults. The idea of home cares services for patients need to be promoted, and we are on the right track.

The year 2021 is expected to be the year of recovery and change as things are back on track and life has started gathering pace again. Patient’s health is the only prime concern for any healthcare organization. Considering the needs and added requirements above our hospitals are managing and upgrading the system. Our hospitals are equipped with advanced care and experienced doctors and staff with unparalleled excellence. We are geared up to serve any patient hailing from any part of the country or the world.

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