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Over 630K ECG data used to develop AI for early diagnosis of heart disease

Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has started joint clinical research with the University of Tokyo Hospital to verify the effectiveness of artificial intelligence technology to estimate abnormal heart movements based on electrocardiogram data. The research is planned to commence at the University of Tokyo Hospital from October 25.

Since December 2019, Fujitsu has been making progress with research and development of proprietary AI technology in collaboration with the University of Tokyo Hospital. This research draws on data from patients that have visited the University of Tokyo Hospital to date and includes approximately 630,000 pieces of electrocardiographic data and data from approximately 140,000 cardiac ultrasounds (echocardiography) . This initiative has now succeeded in detecting patients with abnormal heart movements with high accuracy.

The AI will be used in clinical field research to estimate the presence or absence of abnormal heart movements based on the data of patients undergoing electrocardiographic procedures at the University of Tokyo Hospital. Patients identified by the AI as having abnormal heart movements will undergo echocardiography, and the effectiveness will be verified by comparing the results of doctors’ diagnosis with the results predicted by the AI. Fujitsu will leverage this AI to detect heart disease at an early stage to prevent progression to serious illness in patients and strengthen its vision of “Healthy Living”, promoting well-being for people throughout society.

This initiative will be introduced at Fujitsu ActivateNow 2021, a global event to be held from October 12 in online format.

Future Plans
Based on the results of this clinical research, Fujitsu will promote research and development of solutions that can detect abnormalities in heart motion at an early stage and contribute to the prevention of progression to serious heart disease in patients. Through its joint research with the University of Tokyo Hospital, Fujitsu will continue to actively promote research and development of AI to detect various heart diseases. Ultimately, by working to leverage the results of these efforts to contribute to the resolution of medical problems confronting society, Fujitsu will help deliver greater trust and well-being to society, and drive the development of technologies and services that promote its vision of “Healthy Living”. Fujitsu Global

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