Paramount Bed Supports Healthcare Workers Through Paratechno

Paramount Bed, a specialist in manufacturing hospital beds, has eased the lives of healthcare workers in Japan through its Paratechno Company which enables medical staff to engage in treatment efficiently. Yoshitaka Kubo, the President of Paratechno says, “We believe that our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for our customers, and we aim to achieve that by product support and peripheral service under Paramount Bed policy of striving to become a necessary presence for the creation of medical treatment environment.” Paratechno’s skilled staff is fully familiar with the structure of a hospital bed and how it’s used. “I am working so patients can feel as comfortable as possible when hospitalized.

This special room also has a concierge service”, says a Paratechno staff member working at NTT Medical Center in Tokyo. Yoshimi Katsumata from the Medical Center says, “As elderly patients increase, the method of nursing is evolving every day. I think it is very good to cooperate together in providing safe and comfortable hospitalization life to our patients.” Katsumata highlights Paratechno’s work by saying, “Paratechno offers variety of service in addition to work support in hospitals like cleaning of beds, repair, maintenance of medical equipment and rehabilitation equipment. It also provides call center supports system for customers.” The president of Paratechno believes that medical facilities protect lives of citizens and the presence of skillful staff enables to provide appropriate and smooth medical care service to all patients. – Business Standard

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