Paramount Surgimed request to lift the ban on export of N-95 masks

“We wish to introduce ourselves (Paramount Surgimed Ltd.) as the manufacturers of medical devices since 1994.  We produce products like Surgical Blades, Disposable Scalpels, Biopsy Bunch, Blood Lancet etc.  We have ISO:9000, ISO:13485, CE mark, GMP, USFDA approved for the above products.

In the recent COVID times we started manufacturing of N-95 face masks.  We wish to draw your kind attention that there is a huge spare capacity of N-95 masks and 3 ply masks after fulfilling the India demand.  Data of AIMED is attached for your reference so that you have the idea of the spare capacity. The current capacity of manufacturing in India is 8 to 10 times than the need of our country.  Even if India requirement becomes double, Indian mask industry still have 5 times more capacity of that double requirement which is spare.  You can check from the customs import data and verify that more than 100 lines were imported from 15th March to July, and they all are under production.

Manufacturers of raw material like SS (spun bound) are also requesting to lift the ban on export of raw material/ N 95.  It seems that all 150 lines are not able to buy the SS which is produced by Indian SS manufacturers because of ban on export.  If the ban on export is lifted, the manufacturers current capacity utilization of 30% would go to 50-60% and by doing so, we are going to create a big requirement/ consumption of this SS material within India so that grievance of SS manufacturers is also  get addressed.  Finished goods should be allowed to export rather than the raw material.  We are also told that few companies especially new companies are shifting their production lines to Dubai  so that there is no restriction for them to export.

As we know that the world is boycotting China.  India also says that we are boycotting China and banning Chinese apps but import of N-95and 3 Ply masks is allowed with NIL duty. We request you to restore normal duty plus antidumping duty/ safeguard duty to save these mask industries which are currently lying unproductive because of this issue.

On one hand, there is a notification of NIL duty on import of masks and on the other hand, there is ban on export of masks.  It is strange.  Apart from facing challenges from duty free imports and export ban, the new manufacturers can’t participate in tenders, can’t supply to hospitals, Pharma companies, corporates or government for not having BIS certificate. Please note that BIS does not have their own lab to test and they depend on two private labs.  Manufacturers are at the mercy of these labs. The situation is pathetic for the manufacturers who have dared to raise to the occasion to make our country self reliant as there was an appeal of aatma Nirbhar from you Sir. We deserve to be appreciated and not made to suffer for our efforts.

Under your proud leadership, the Make-in-India and Aatam Nirbhar Yojna will get satisfied in the field of PPE kits, N-95 and 3 Ply masks and sanitizers etc. Aatma Nirbhar Yojna means fulfil the obligation to India and if there is spare capacity then it can be exported.

Make-in-India means the spare capacity of products made in India should be sent in the world’s market earning foreign exchange and add to the reputation of the country.

We request you to lift the ban on exports of masks as there is enough capacity in India and it will also save foreign exchange.  If this action is not taken immediately, you will see the hub of manufacturing face masks will be shifted to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Jebel Ali which has no restriction to export further.  Sir. We ourselves contemplating to do that because we are unable to run our plant at 20% and we are suffering big loss. Also 100 other such units are about to close or die for same reason.  You can confirm for AIMED which is our Association.

Sir, we are a responsible company, who has a clean record.  We are manufacturing medical devices over last 25 years. We export our products to 50 countries specially to Europe and USA.  Sir, we hereby want to submit our humble request to lift the ban on exports of N-95  mask”.

Shaily Grover, Managing Director, Paramount Surgimed Ltd.

MB Bureau

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